Wednesday, March 25, 2009


So you all know about Rookie Cookie.

You know she's awesome. You know she's my sister. And you know I'm her design stooge.

Since I am the visual end of the Rookie blog, I surf other food blogs. I want to see what else is out there. What people are cooking and what their food looks like. I also surf others' food spots so that I can verify for myself that Whitney's blog is unique in its presentation; there's no reason for me to put my time into something that looks like every other food blog.

Well in my site-hopping this evening I stumbled across this blog called Oh! What's for Dinner. And when I did so I discovered me a copy cat.

Is it just my ego or does the photo in the screen shot to the right look a bit too much like the template I created for the Rookie Cookie food images? Screened-back main image, circle cut-out off-set to the bottom-right, and the recipe title labeled beneath . . .

It's not just coincidence either; I know this food blogger is familiar with Rookie Cookie, 'cause she links to her waffles in the Oh! Breakfast section.

Not so sneaky. Or original. Or subtle.


Please enjoy this post, for when Rookie finds out that I located the Oh! blog and put together this post, she's going to be peeved and I may hear about it. She's a nice chef and won't think my calling this out is very kind at all.

So forgive me, dear sister, but I work too hard on your blog to let this go un-Remarked on.


[Morgan] said...

remember that gal that copied my preschool blog? ha ha. literally copied and pasted? and even created herself a hyperlink proving her idiocy? the nerve.
bla bla food blog trendies.
cookie is truly one of the only food blogs i enjoy reading or looking at. and it HONESTLY has nothing to do with the fact that i know her.
boo copy cats. boo.

Megan and Keli'i said...

Seriously. lame. get your own damn blog set up.

Ashley Thalman said...

oh frick! steam is coming out of my ears. STEAM!

cat+tadd=sam said...

What an freaking fool. Is it ok to have blog hatred?

Shelby Lou said...

remember when that blogger copied your blog layout and thought they were super sneaky??

yeah it still gets me upset too..

THIS IS RIDICULOUS. Now, you have to either confront or convert to something different.

Sue said...

very disturbing

whitneyingram said...

Kind of speechless/typeless.

Oh the poor soul that copies Megan Lynn Romo.

aezra noell said...

now thats a hoot! who'd a thunk to cross Megan('sides D.). Now thats one added tally to the naughty list for her.

aezra noell said...

by the way...does it mean I have a tally too on my list? I really liked yr idea of "left here by meg" i incorporated it. May I? PlEASE! :o) oh and i thought i'd leave this webiste for ya if you haven't already seen
yum yum!

Unknown said...

Wow, such enmity. Haven't you heard imitation is the most sincere form of flattery? Perhaps someone needs to dip into the drug sample closet for a chill pill.

Megan said...

Dude, Vanderpool. You knew I was feeling punchy when you posted that comment. So I can't be held responsible for what I do now. I'm outing my spouse. Vanderpool Red is The Husband.

Pseudonyms are lame.

Unknown said...

mean girls suck!

Megan said...

Call it like I see it.