Tuesday, December 9, 2008


About a year ago, I attended a physician speaker program on Vitamin D. (Actually, I've attended three or four talks where Vitamin D was the hot topic, but this one a year ago scared the devil out of me.)

Vitamin D? You may wonder? Why in the world would doctors take an hour and a half out of their busy days to listen to some peer blabber on about Vitamin D? It's a thing, okay? Vitamin D deficiency can cause many a problem. New data and research keeps on comin' out regarding the necessity of Vitamin D and what its deficiency can spawn. I leave every one of these talks reminding my self to up my Vitamin D intake . . .

At this particular talk a year ago, I went up to the speaker post-talk to tell him how compelling and downright scary his presentation was. Before I had finished saying, "I feel like I need to go home and start shoveling handfuls of Vitamin D down my throat," he looked me up and down and said, "You're deficient."

He didn't say in what exactly I was deficient. But for the sake of the conversation I assumed he meant Vitamin D.

And finally, I am pounding my daily Vitamin D. All 2000 IUs.

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