Friday, December 5, 2008


Garbage day yesterday. Isn't that just a glorious day? I love the clattering stop-and-go of the garbage truck coming to rid us of our rubbish. My waste removal bill hard at work. Sparks can get pretty windy, and the not-so-lovely part of Garbage Day 'round here is the bits of trash that escape their cans for a ride on the bluster.

But yesterday was different. Yes, there was wind. Yes, garbage made a run for it, calling dibs on gutters, lawns, and porches. But the difference today was that I found myself happy about it.

On my lawn yesterday sat a liberated piece of litter. I picked it up to incarcerate. As I did, I noticed some handwriting on the yellowing, warped and curling bit of paper. I unrolled the sheet and enjoyed the following peek into someone's little life:
I don't know who wrote their sweetheart this morning greeting, but I call myself blessed that it landed on my lawn and I got to enjoy someone else's quirky, intimate, unsigned, hopefully appreciated, and discarded bit of life.

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[Morgan] said...

that's awesome.