Monday, December 15, 2008


CJane wrote about Blenvy. I understand completely.

Today, however, I'm feeling nothing but Blove.

I love my blog. Yeah, yeah, I know I've said it before. I've told you how much I like tossing words here and there and how much I like that the space is my own. But have I told you how much I like the way it looks? I love it. I love that I can manipulate Blogger to do just about anything I want it to. Now that's confidence-inspiring, ain't it? What's not to blove about that?

My visual taste is likely not your preference. I like messy. I like paint splatters. I like illegible, scrawly fonts. 90% of the work I do for clients looks nothing like what I do for myself. Most people like clean designs, stuff that is more polished than what I choose. And I really do enjoy doing that kind of design work; it involves creativity and thought. The stuff I do for myself involves absolutely not thought at all.

But it doesn't matter what anyone else likes when it comes to my blog. I am pleased with the way it looks. Almost--heaven forbid--proud of it.

I blove this space.


{Erica} said...

I enjoy your blog. Be proud!

p.s.I TRULY want you to do a header for me (even though I never got around emailing you back - my apologies).

How about you do what you think would look cool and send it my way. Surprise me. I wanna see what you come up with. Deal?

Misti said...

I love your writing and honesty! And it is hilarious! And makes me feel a little less guilty for being 28.5 and not having a kid. Though, I really am craving one right now. Sorta. Until I think about diapers and my niece barfing on me. And the fact that babies don't go backpacking and I like backpacking. ;)