Sunday, December 14, 2008


That I should be a little embarrassed about the length of that last drug diatribe.

Should be. But am not.

And to the [one] of you that wasted part of your day slogging through it (Mom): you deserve a medal. A gold one, in fact.


Tricia said...

I read it, too. I'll take a gold star instead of a medal. I thought it was well written, and very insightful actually.

I admit I have stereotyped a drug rep or two when I've seen them in the waiting room, dragging their wheeled briefcases behind them.

I really liked your post, because like most things, much of the time we only see the outside. Which is such a different thing from what really goes on behind the scenes.

Don't be embarrassed. It certainly changed my perspective of a so-called "easy, fun" job.

Megan said...

A gold star it is, then!

And I'm pleased as punch over a changed perspective.