Sunday, June 1, 2008


Few things are a more effective reminder that you are not alone on this planet than resting your rump on a warm toilet seat.

Though there are a few fellow earthlings that I’m fond of (my husband, my siblings and two or three others—you’re one of those two or three, you know), I’d prefer not to be reminded of their existence by being the one to discover the heat resulting from their lengthy sit-in.

It’s worth postponing your void in order to allow the seat to return to its homeostatic temperature.

Meetings like the one I just returned from are long days of lectures broken up by Bio Breaks.

A standard Bio Break: The 10 or so stalls the ladies' room provides are ocupado, and 10 or so of us are waiting for our turn at relief.

Patricia leaves stall number six and I slip by into her vacated space. Though Patricia is a lovely lady, it’s at this point that I mutely thank The Management:


Lindsay said...

you have the most random posts!

cat+tadd=sam said...

I prefer to carry hand sanitizer with me in bulk. I moisten the seat with it and then after moisten my rump. It's quite effective.