Friday, May 30, 2008


I am a bit of a hillbilly. I never know what’s cool. I’m generally ignorant regarding current events. All this because I don’t watch television.

"You know, it’s like that Vonage commercial . . . " someone will say.

"What’s Vonage?" I ask.

"I love the look of that new iTunes commercial. The one with Coldplay,” another friend will comment.

“Hey! I’ve heard of Coldplay! They have a song on my Garden State soundtrack!” I feel so cool. But I didn’t know there was a new iTunes commercial. I didn’t actually know iTunes had commercials. But I have seen the black silhouette iPod ads.

“Is that John Corbett’s voice in the Applebee’s commercial?” someone asks.

“Isn’t John Corbett the fiance in My Big Fat Greek Wedding?” I know nothing more than that about him.

Commercials are obnoxious. TV shows have the ability to suck you in and become an unwarranted priority. Some of the stuff on TV is a little more crass than I’m okay with.

And tonight I discovered a new reason I’m thrilled that we only do movies and not network TV in the Romo home.

I’m in a hotel, and when I’m out of town I often turn Law and Order for background noise while doing my email and whatnot. This evening, I was hunting for TNT and stalled at So You Think You can Dance.

Why do people put themselves through all that internal drama? And I’m not talking about the performers. I’m talking about Average Jane and Joe who watch this stuff as recreation!

I feel that stage fright pit in my heart before demonstrating a sales presentation at meetings like this one. My hands shake before doing the prayer in sacrament meeting. But that’s nothing compared to the discomfort I felt while watching bad dancers make fools of themselves on national television.

If I want to raise my heart rate, I'm gonna stick with yoga. Then I'm engaging Mula Bandha intentionaly.

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