Monday, March 10, 2008


Want to know what that is? I'm here tell you: that there is the picture of health.

I take my health seriously. I’ve been blessed with great physicial health, and I safeguard that as best I can. This body’s the only one I’m gonna get (despite the fact that in the preexistence I signed up for Caitlyn’s silhouette, not the one I ended up with). I’ve consistently taken an interest in overall physical wellbeing, but the nature of my occupation has infused an increased vim for caring for my body in a preventative fashion. Thus the routine physicals that include the horror of a blood draw.

I went to my internist today for a follow up on that blood work, and when the darling woman walked into the patient room, the first words out of her mouth were You're really healthy!

She went over the lab paperwork with me. Yadda yadda CBC. Yadda yadda potassium. Yadda yadda calcium. All that’s fine and good—but I was after the cholesterol results. This is my first cholesterol check, and of course, I've been terribly curious up to this point. With all the yoga I do and the lack of meat in my diet, life would be awfully unjust if I had crummy cholesterol.

But today the world was a just and sunny place—blue birds flying all around and rainbows popping up here and there.

My doctor said that I should frame my lab paperwork. No kidding. (Picture me now shining a First Prize badge pinned on my chest; it's sure how I feel.) She commented that my cholesterol was so good that the thought had occurred to her that perhaps I hadn’t eaten the two days prior to my test. Ah, such was not the case; the day before my blood draw The Husband and I enjoyed an inordinate amount of pizza, cheese bread sticks and Jelly Bellies.

The news of my terrific cholesterol results got me so riled with pride that I started making phone calls once back in the car. Dad! I have great cholesterol! Mom! I have great cholesterol! Husband! I have great cholesterol! Coworker! I have great cholesterol!

Dear Reader! I have great cholesterol!


cat+tadd=sam said...

Congrat-ama-lations! So proud of my wittle sissy! You may have my body right now if you'd's experiencing terrible cramps.

M to the E to the R to the I said...

I just wrote you a novel of a message, then something happened with Blogger and it erased it. Now I am upset and don't want to type all that I had wrote. Ha ha. I am proud to know you. I am only blog buddies with people who have good cholesterol.

Ashley Thalman said...

i am laughing so hard right now!