Sunday, March 9, 2008


Must hurry. Must rush. Stupid minivan! Get out of my way! Go! Park fast. Oops. Too fast. Transmission won't like that later. Oh well. It's a wrap dress, you idiot. Hold it shut. Up the stairs. Through the glass double doors. Couple of guys in the foyers. It's just two minutes past. I should be able to find a seat. I'm one person, for Heaven's sake! Good grief. Not only did they start on time. For the first time in history, the entire ward was on time. Who is that weird man at the puplit? Aha! There's a seat next to Rod. 'Scuse me.

He smiles. Good morning.  How're you?

Feeling late!

Yeah. Daylight Savings.

Oh? So I'm not two minutes late, I'm an hour and two minutes late. And the man at the pulipit who is definintely not in the bishopric is the closing speaker.

Nice one, Meg. I suppose that's the life you're bound to lead when you don't watch television at all. Ever. You're a good 50 feet outside the proverbial loop.

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M to the E to the R to the I said...

It happened to us too! Thankfully my phone had changed time over night automatically, so we actually woke up on time. Then we looked at our other clocks, after being fully ready to go, thought "What the?" and climbed back into bed! Good thing we heard cars driving to church or we would have done the dame thing!