Thursday, March 6, 2008


So it’s nearly 10PM and I’ve just arrived home from an unusually late work function.

To mentally defrag before utterly collapsing into my bed, I rousted my computer and stared at it. Bored, but not ready for bed and my beloved crossword puzzles.

What to do? What to do? What to do?

Hummm. Blog perhaps? Okay, that.

So I stare some more at my Mac, my best friend as of late. Blog on what? Let’s see, what interesting things did I think about today?

Think . . . Think . . .

Oh my gosh: nothing. I did not have one single interesting thought today. Why? Well, it occurs to me that I didn’t do any—none, zip, nil, zilch—of my own thinking today.

While doing my hair, I read Fitness magazine. Not my own thoughts. While driving to offices, I listened to my current Ludlum love. Not my own thoughts. In offices, I discussed my medications with physicians and staff. Not my own thoughts. While at the dinner program tonight, I listened to the Rheumatologist that was speaking. Not my own thoughts. I haven’t taken (or had) any time today to look at something out my car window and find it interesting. I haven’t stumbled on some memory and laughed aloud. I haven’t struck up a conversation that made me think a singular thought.

And to think that is depressing.

Is it possible to go an entire day without one unique thing springing up in your mind to seek a life of its own?

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