Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Life comes equipped with little joys. They’re often individual—what makes me sigh may not do the same for you. It's no secret that one of the joys in my life—and it’s not so little, really—is being one of six sisters. I was born into a miniature Relief Society.

One thing I relish is the differences between six raised in the same home. A group of dissimilarities that my mom and I have discussed are the “rules” of each daughter. Though my dear sissies may disagree with my interpretation and presentation of the rules, tough—this my blog—post your own rules on yours, and if you don’t have one, get one (Haley).

The Rule of Megan: Everything takes longer and costs more.

The Rule of Whitney: There is a better way to do everything, and I can find it.

The Rule of Caitlyn: Everything is worth crying over.

The Rule of Haley: Everything is worth stressing over.

The Rule of Mallory: There are no rules.

The Rule of Lauren: If it exists, it can be forgotten.

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aLiCe said...

My name isn't even Alice. ha ha Its Alison.. but I like Alice better. It makes me feel better