Monday, February 25, 2008


Though it was a Monday and Mondays are always stamped “Damaged Goods,” I was able to find a sliver or two of perfection in this particular one:

This may not seem like fun or even dignified to anyone else, but I started the day delivering some colon models to an endoscopy lab. Ewww! You may say. But you didn’t get to see the glee I met when I displayed said colon models to the Patient Educator. You’d think I gave the woman a million bucks—well, maybe not a million, let’s say like a hundred. (I thought very seriously, vacillated back and forth, about posting a photo of that happy colon model. Then I realized that not everyone gets as thrilled about colon models as I do, and I decided to respect our differences.)

I enjoyed some truly fabulous—I mean fabulous in that I fantasize about it when I’m not eating it—kung pao tofu. (When I say the name of that dish to my dear, departed—but not really—spouse, he makes a barfing sound.) I ate too much, but in the theme of bits of lovely in the day, I didn’t feel yucky afterwards.

That spicy, peanut laden tofu was part of a lunch with one of my counterparts that I’m unbelievably fortunate to work with.

After lunch, on my way to my next appointment, I got to enjoy a gold foil-wrapped white chocolate truffle. Let's just say it was inspiring.

In yoga this evening I overcame a bit of my upside-down-fear and stayed in headstand for the teacher’s requisite 10 ujjayi breaths and then gave tripod headstand a try. I was less successful in the latter posture, but, hey, yoga’s a journey, right? (Right.)

And the best part of it all: a light jacket was satisfactory today—I didn’t have to wear a long coat, parka over that, scarf, hat and moon boots.


Sue said...

so it was your favorite date? Not to cold, a light jacket was all you needed?

cat+tadd=sam said...

I'm jealous of your Monday. Mine consisted of a few good things, not quite as glorious as yours though.