Thursday, June 19, 2014


Photos. Here they are. I hired Ashley Thalman to do the shooting, and while I've got more than just a few reasons for wanting her, here are my main three: 

She shoots real. Ashley doesn't edit the hell out of everyone until they are yes, super hot, but also super not themselves. I might not be a fan of my own face, but it's the one I've got. I think people should look like who they are in photos, even if they're not extra amazingly beautiful to begin with. 

She's patient. Ashley's shot me before and she knows ahead of time that it's very likely going to suck. I don't do pretty all that well, meaning that I'm not serious or lovely or super smiley, and I'm more likely to pull a face than anything else. She endures. It's admirable. 

Ash is Queen of the Candid. The moments on these special days that matter aren't the ones that are posed. They're the in-betweens, the unplanned smidges of honesty. Ashley manages to catch those in every session she does. 

So, in four different posts (because there are simply too many descriptive and worthwhile and photos of The Special Day to share in just one or two posts and because I rarely, rarely post photos here and you deserve a little break from the copy-heavy posts) here's what my wedding photog landed—


I was a stress case before the wedding. Stuff to do and so on. (Not that I didn't have event people setting up tables and swags and stuff. I did. I'm an expert-level stresser. I have honed my stressing to a minute-detail level.) But when sister Whit and my mom and dad arrived the day before the event, I finally decided enough was enough and I'd do some delegating. 

"Whitney, you're in charge." 

"Everyone else, do what Whitney says."

My impromptu wedding-day manager, Whitney Ingram: 

Simple ceremony setup in the backyard:

The dress. Hanging above our bed with a bit of my massive, quirky collection of green glass:

The really, really beautiful bride: 

"Who did your invitations and programs?" 

"Me. Duh."

The dashing Dustin, Jim's oldest son, doing what he does so well and entertaining downstairs during the guests' arrival:

Lookie who made the trek over from Utah! Sandbergs!

The Elliker family hanging out in the living room. L-R: Craig (Fabrizio), Jim's sisters Linda and Laura (the lovely twins), Uncle Alan and Aunt Camille Cartwright, Janet (Fabrizio, sister #2), and Dustin:

Looks like the wind already got to the chiffon swags hanging off the deck—

A quick kiss before all the hoopla. Or mid-hoopla, you could say—


onlythejodi said...

Terrific photos - good photographer and it makes such a difference when the photographer knows you, your quirks (of which you have a....a few), and your heart (of which you have a big one). Congratulations, again. To both of youse.

Ashley Thalman said...

Oh my word Megan! This is so nice to pop over and 1- see that you've blogged and 2- that you've blogged these photos! I love them and I'm so glad you do too. Thank you for always thanking, reviewing, valuing and seeing my work for what it is.