Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Since Jim will never be rid of me—not that he wants to be—I will never be rid of the loose, selfish woman who banged my husband or that poser to whom I was married for 10 years.  Strangely—even though I see them as two of the most disgusting people polluting Planet Earth—that didn't get in my way. Or perhaps it's not strange at all when you consider how good Jim is to me, what a catch he is. The man makes me all girlish and swoony. I've known from our start that dating Jim meant that Carrie, the floozy who had an affair with my spouse, would be a permanent fixture in my life, seeing as she and Jim have kids together, and Carrie is still dependent on him for all the funds to pay for her life.

And since she is the Wasband's meal ticket, there's no getting rid of him either. That is, until he finds a woman better able to provide for him. Which may be sooner than later, Dear Reader, because Carrie just lost nearly half of her monthly income.

See, my ex and my boyfriend's ex—the ones that had an affair with each other, in case you're new 'round here—just got married, thus ending Jim's obligation to pay them $2,500/mo. in alimony.

You just gasped. You may have cheered. And if you're anything like our friends and family, your first fully-formed thought in regard to the nuptials had to do with Jim's wallet. Everyone we know is so happy for my boyfriend, since even though he's the one who got cheated on, he's had to continue providing the livelihood for his ex. When it comes to the alimony part of things, that's over now, and, quite honestly, we wonder how they are going to live on the $3000-some-odd that Jim's still stuck forking over to them each month (child support, etc.). Neither one has a job and there are some very expensive tastes in that relationship.

(On that, curious minds want to know what kind of ring Carrie bought for herself. Well, that's probably not fair; maybe Mark saved up his weekly allowance of Jim's money that Carrie gave him so that he could purchase the ring "himself.")

Now, don't let yourselves believe that their marriage means those two have some kind of commitment to one another that will increase their relationship's longevity. Marital promises certainly didn't get in their way before.

That being said, I'm just so happy for them. Thrilled. Elated. Dizzy with joy on their behalf. Wishing them the buckets of happiness that they certainly merit. So I thought and thought of what could be an appropriate wedding gift for that loafing failure and his elderly tramp. It was my friend Lara though who came up with the best idea: a referral to a divorce attorney! It's only a matter of time before the once-a-cheater-always-a-cheater exes will need that wedding gift.

So any bets on how long the ill-fated and dishonorably-started union will last?


Oh, and Mark and Carrie, you nitwits, although you had the subpoena served to me before class at the yoga studio, today's was a killer practice. I worked hard, sweat buckets, executed one of my better standing bows, and came out feeling powerful. And, bummer again, no one witnessed the very nice man give me the papers. Don't worry though, when I got in the studio, I made sure to loop in my friends.


Unknown said...

I was going to leave my comment on Facebook but I think we should all start leaving them here since obviously Marc and Karry are reading them.

I find it hilarious that they would marry each other! What kind of trust will they ever truly have? " I know we both cheated to get here so we can really know that we will "always" be faithful.". at least until the old hags money runs. I was wondering how they were going to survive losing $2500 a month.... I am sure they were planning this lawsuit before the wedding because even though they got what they supposedly wanted and are "happy" they have to find ways to try (unsuccessfully) to make everyone around them miserable. That doesn't sound happy to me. When you constantly have to cause agitation in others lives so you both have a common enemy what happens to your relationship when there is no enemy when it is just two people who truly have to look at each other and wallow in what they really did. I would want to look anywhere else but a mirror if I were them as well.

They are both disgusting POSs' that can't stand that their spouses have moved on and are happy. That they are outraged that their spouses have moved on together is laughable. A life spent doing nothing but scheming ways to get and screams that they have way to much free time on their hands. It would suck IMO to do nothing with my day but to be mad at someone else. That stuff ages you fast and well Karry can't afford to do that if she wants to keep Marc.

I say keep posting Megan, these are your opinions they do not in any way violate any clause that was in Jim's divorce. Karry is just someone who wants to justify that she was in somehow right in what she did and instead she has become a low life hag that isn't worthy of being in the same room with anyone that I would even think to associate with. Marc is a slithering piece of crap that is as useless and a waste of space. I would be so ashamed to be him and living off the support of another woman that is being given to her by the person that he betrayed. Dignity is obviously not a word that these to seem to know.

Jim Elliker said...

Just in case the readers of this blog think that Karry and Marc getting married is a sign of them trying to do the right thing, please think again. Anyone who knows me understands that my family has always come first. Just look at this email exchange by the new 3rd wife of Mark Lee Rome.
I write on Jan. 24th -
Ben has not wanted to attend karate. I only got him to go on Tuesday.
Last night Ben had some anxiety about not being with me next week. I told him I could see him at Karate on Saturday if he goes.
I went last week and later I found out he wasn't going to make it. Can you please let me know Saturday morning if he is going to make it or not?
Regards, Jim Elliker

Now her reply-
From: Carrie Romo
Jan. 24th -
I do not appreciate you making plans for Ben during my custody time. My custody time is MY time to be with Ben and I have told you repeatedly that I do NOT agree for you to attend karate class during my week. Also, you have a history of being unpredictably violent toward Mark and I and so for safety reasons, I do NOT agree to allow you to come to karate during my custody time. Please stay away!

They are pretty awesome... What kind of people keep a father from supporting his children?

Annie said...

Wow, wow, wow. Megan--I don't know what the subpoena is all about, but I have also had the pleasure of being served by my ex with a lawsuit. Mine accused me of fraud surrounding our divorce agreement. He served me during my finals week (you know, while I am working my butt off in PA school trying to build a career to support my family after he left with his own floozy), but at least had the decency to serve me at home. Then again, why would anyone expect decency from the douchemaster that is your wasband and his cray cray bag-o-fun?

Mark and Carrie--some words of advice from someone who just went through a legal battle with her ex. As I said, I don't know what the subpoena is all about, so some of this advice may not be as relevant, but here goes. . .It took a year and a half, tens of thousands of $$$ from my pocket, $100,000+ from his pocket (according to my ex) to get everything resolved in court. It will cost you at least twice as much and at least twice as long as your lawyer says (in my ex's case, it took 4x as much time and money as his very reputable lawyer predicted). Your only success will likely be in making your own lives miserable for at least the next year. My ex had to take "mental health leave" from work and he was the one initiating the legal fight! In the end, he was unsuccessful despite assurances of victory from his attorney in the beginning. No matter what chances your attorney is saying you have, I would guess that it's not going to be worth it.

Jim--my TX judge balked at my ex's failure to take our daughters to all of their extracurricular activities. She ordered him to agree to at least 2 extracurricular activities per child per year and he is required to take them to all practices/games/performances/etc. Judges will always put the children's interest and well being above that of the parents. I know I'm just a outsider peering into your world via blog stalking, but it sounds like your ex is making her custody time about her and not about the kids. (Surprise, surprise!) It goes without saying that either/both parents' attendance at extracurricular activities, regardless of possession schedule, shows support to a child and such attendance is in that child's best interest and should be encouraged. Any judge would agree. And I am sure they will see your incident involving a smashed windshield at the airport for exactly what it was--an isolated act in the heat of the moment, for which anyone would understand (and even cheer a little) when considering the context of the situation. Family court judges have been at this game for a long time. They will see right through any claims that you are "unpredictably violent."

Good luck, Megan and Jim! Keep us blog lurkers informed!