Wednesday, November 20, 2013


• I am a statistically small person. But my ankles will never fit comfortably in my mustard-hued heels that zip up the back.

• I spent an hour or so on the phone with my company’s help desk service and it was completely delightful. Because I am completely delightful. The helper said that I have a lot of personality. He said that he thinks that it probably comes in handy with my job. I said I hope so, else why I am I here? He said that I type fast. “Yes, I do,” I said. (I didn’t tell him that my accuracy is like 50%.) I told him that I recently earned a Master’s Degree in writing, so I spent the last few years typing a lot. And he said, “But you’re doing this?” I replied, “You’re singing my song. I’m a puzzle.

• When I log into my Imagekind account and see that people have bought my artwork my heart gets heavy with gratitude. I know they didn’t buy the prints because of me or on behalf of me, but I made what they purchased, and they paid good money for it. And I am grateful.

• I have blown my nose so many times today that I got a notice from Greenpeace that they are thisclose to staging a peaceful protest outside my house because I am personally killing the planet with all the tissues piling up in rubbish bins throughout my home. Good thing tomorrow is garbage day. My trash can is overflowing with evidence of the sniffles.

• Whitney, does apple and pineapple licorice count as servings of fruit? What if it’s in really high quantity?

• I’m designing again. Typography prints in process. Slowly, but in process nonetheless.

Wednesday has become double yoga day. I do a Bikram class and go from there to Ella’s power class. And then I am very hungry and I go home and eat my way through the pantry until I am certain I will feel a bucketfull of regret come 7AM tomorrow morning.

• Jim had two dogs. Gabe the Golden and Gus the trunky Labradoodle. A couple weeks ago, sweet, obedient Gabe died. He was diagnosed with cancer a few weeks before that and the downturn was fast. He went from limping a little to completely lethargic in no time. On a Sunday Jim decided he’d have to take Gabe into the vet the following morning and we knew that Gabe wouldn’t come back out. But that night Gabe, unable to eat, unable to move, started bleeding from his mouth. It wasn’t right to wait until the next day. The kids said a truly painful goodbye. They weren't the only ones crying. Jim and Nathaniel loaded Gabe into Jim’s car, and he and I left for the emergency vet. On the way there, Gabe passed. Now Gus is alone. He’s never been a solo dog before, so he and Soph get to have playdates. I took her to Jim’s for the day when I left for work today. That means that Gus and Sophie spent a whole day in the same house ignoring each other. Theirs is a really functional relationship.

• Without Google Reader or some other subscription service thing doing the work for me, I read almost no blogs. I get Audrey's to my inbox, so I read that. But if you don't put up a link to your latest post on Facebook, I never see what you've been writing. 

• I’ve been listening to Sloane Crosley again. I love/hate her. The love is for her frankness. The hate is out of jealousy.

• Usually yoga couples practice next to each other when they take the same class, but tonight there was a married couple—they both practice all the time—on opposite sides of the room. I don’t know why, but these two never practice side by side. Tonight during fixed firm pose I caught them winking and making eyes at each other. Sure, I should have been keeping my eyes on my own reflection in the mirror, but seeing their flirting made my day, so I don’t feel even a tiny bit bad about my wandering gaze.


Audrey said...

Sending some kisses to sweet, lonely Gus. Reading about Gabe's passing broke my heart a little. Gonna go hold my own animal close for a bit. Warm, purry, unconditional love. God's gift to his most flawed creation. (And thank you for reading my blog, darlin'. Means a ton to me.)

Misti said...

Coming out of lurking (I keep re-finding your blog after losing it over the years...dude, your divorce story---:( ) to say that Bloglovin' has been a great feed reader. I like it because you actually go to the blogger's website instead of only in a reader.

Sacajawea said...

Megan - I wrote you a message late last night on fb. Realizing this morning it went to the "other" folder abyss. Just wanted you to know someone was out there thinking of you.