Sunday, November 24, 2013


My boyfriend and I have a 100% marital fail rate between us. So, feeling very qualified, I enlisted him to help me with a list of 50 marital tips.

I made a poster of our results:

Marriage Tips by Megan Romo photo MarriageTipsMegan.jpg
Shortly after their honeymoon, Evangeline posted on Facebook some of the marriage advice that she and Andrew got at their wedding. That got me thinking about what I’d recommend, given that I am really good at being married and haven’t ever been divorced. Oh, wait. It’s the other way around. If you want advice on marriage, don’t come to me. I suck at it. However, the 50 tips that Jim and I came up at least verge on terrific.

When all the affair garbage went down last year, it killed my creativity. Slaughtered it. Couldn't write. Couldn't design. I had nothin'. Gradually though, we do get better, and those parts of myself have started to come back. I hate that it takes time, but at least it happens. I like that my first real design project since my marriage fell apart is about how to have a successful marriage. It makes no sense. And it does.

Poster available on Imagekind in a few color variations. 

If you need a gay version—Wife+Wife or Man+Man—instead of Man+Wife, email me ( and I’ll post it. Those versions are not up now because I’m lazy.

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