Tuesday, July 23, 2013


• Today I did two Bikram classes back-to-back. I did one class and then stuck around at the studio to do the next. I must say that I slaughtered them both. Nausea didn’t creep up on me until the very end of the second class. I thought it would pass like usual. No such luck. I threw up twice while driving home. A first for me. I’ve been nauseous in class, but I’ve never pushed it hard enough to vomit. High five, self!

• My Soph is injured. Jim saw it happen. She leapt off the stairs at her toy and messed up her hip. Day by day she’s putting a little more weight on her injured leg. It’s a bummer, but I’m really impressed by how well she walks with just three good legs. 

• I cut my hair short-short four years ago, and I always knew that if I grew it out the process would be painful. I wasn’t wrong. Getting through the awkward in-between stage is killing me. It’s hideous. I need a hat. Or a burlap sack.

• I have two new pens. They are wood. And I made them! A couple weeks ago Jim took me into a woodworking shop to look at lathes, and while there we decided to sign up for a woodturning class. It was this last Friday. My mom was in town, so she attended. And, thrillingly, Brandon and Traci came too! It was the funnest. Now I want to do the next class in the series, in which I shall make a mallet. But what the hell am I gonna do with a mallet?

Jeanette, our instructor, was awfully patient with my hesitance and idiocy. 

Here you have Mom Sue, Daughter Megan, Boyfriend Jim, Friend Brandon, and Friend Traci.
Badass pen crafters all. 

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