Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Bikram yoga classes aren’t dependable. Sometimes they’re awful. Sometimes they’re amazing. And there is no equation that guarantees either. One of my best classes ever was after two days of little sleep and consuming essentially nothing but Diet Dr. Pepper. And I’ve had horrible classes after excellent hydration, maximum sleep, healthy food, and a good attitude. Part of the discipline is powering through no matter what hand your dealt. Today was one of the horrible days. I mean truly bad. I was unusually dizzy and felt like I was sweating honey. Double you tee eff? Who knows? Even though I'm pretty sure I skipped half the postures, I barely made it out of there alive. But of course I’ll go back tomorrow.

• I learned something today: adding salt to water before boiling raises the ultimate boiling temperature. That, I did not know.

• Enough about this Jim, right? (Even he was a titch nauseated by yesterday’s post.) But I have to say just one thing today—this guy's notoriously funny. It happens a lot that I am plowing through my day and I randomly bust up laughing about something he’s said. How cool is it to have that constantly in my pocket?

• Whenever my attitude about my job dips below acceptable, I need to remember how I feel whenever I leave Reno Family Physicians. I’m always in a great mood after calling on that practice.

• Traditional scones are too hearty to be called “pastries.”

• I travel fairly often. I’m good at the getting-there part—I’m a whiz at security, it’s rare that I miss a flight, I can rent a car like nobody’s business, and I’ve even been dabbling some with public transportation. But I’m not good at experiencing the places I visit. Sure I do a touristy thing here and there, but what I want to make sure to do is practice at lotsa Bikram studios while I travel. Bikram yoga is everywhere, and though I've tried out different studios while traveling over the last few years, I don’t do that often enough. And maple bars—there are lot of awesome maple bars in the world that I haven’t tasted. So I need to do better. Wherever I go, I need to find a Bikram studio. And a maple bar.

• Egg nog: frowny face.

• Okay, I said I'd say only that one thing about Jim in this post, but apparently that was a lie. Guys, when he got froyo today, he chose toasted marshmallow flavor. And he put baby marshmallows in it. Isn't that just the cutest thing ever? Don't ask me to contain myself. I won't be able to do it. (Here, Chad, I'll do it for you—Barf.)

• I need beluga lentils. Please go get me some.

• When I had to relocate my hair-doing responsibilities from my Caitlyn-sister in Utah to Reno, it was depressing and sort of a crap shoot. But the cosmetology gods smiled upon me and I landed Hannah. I couldn’t have snared a more awesome stylist. She’s the cute one at her studio. She’s young. Hip. Saucy. All the things you want in the girl chopping your locks. I got to chill with that lady today. She makes haircuttery a pleasure. If you live in the Reno area and want a killer hair-doer, holla; I’ll hook you up. 

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