Friday, March 29, 2013


• Tonight I tried to cook a pizza using my mind. Surprisingly, it didn’t work.

I have a great nose. At lunch last weekend my aunt said, “You have a great nose.” And I replied, “Don’t I?” I think it’s okay to acknowledge when a feature is top notch, and my petite nose is the bee’s knees.

• Here’s something incomprehensible: when a yoga student shows up to class, learns who is teaching, and leaves. I see many problems with this, the first of which is: Dude, you could have looked online to see who was teaching if it’s that important to you. Second: As I’m perpetually telling Jim, this yoga’s a discipline. Part of that is sucking it up and taking class from a teacher that might not be your fave today. Third: our Reno teachers are all splendid. With many a class from each under my belt, I can say that with authority. It’s foolish to stick with only one. A multi-teacher practice is a well-rounded practice; each teach notices different stuff and prioritizes different corrections. And fourth: What!? You got all the way to the studio door and bailed? Have you found some super-secret way to stuff more hours into your day such that you can waste time going places but not really going to them?

• In my family we cut pizza into slices with scissors. It’s how our Granma Sally did it.

• My favorite pizza is this: thin crust, spicy-sweet red sauce, no mozzarella, feta, red onions, mushrooms, and black olives. Tonight’s pizza is not my favorite pizza. But it is very pleasing.

I got new origami paper today—some patterned, some small, some large, some metallic. I can't wait to fold the hell outta this stuff.

• This was a good week. I cranked at work. I got in plenty of yoga (read: I sweat much). I had my first ride-along with my new boss, and my nerves didn’t decimate my ability to string words into sentences. My expensive puppy’s energy is back up after her dental adventure that resulted in the loss of nine teeth. (She can still eat. Most of the bad teeth were in the front. So now my pricey, well-cared-for, purebred Yorkshire Terrier looks like a hillbilly.)

• I don’t understand bra sizing.

• Fantasy movies have spoiled my life. I’m endlessly wishing for a portkey or that I could trade in my SUV for Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. (Someone wants to get places faster, doesn’t she?) But these things aren’t real! I expend energy mourning the inaccessibility of fake stuff.

Eating that whole pizza made me sleepy. I blame yoga. Giving my all in yoga made me tired and defenseless, so I had to replenish with pizza and I simply couldn’t stop eating it. The good news is that Bikram yoga classes make me burn enough calories to power a neighborhood, so the pizza pie won’t do too much damage. That is what I'll be telling myself to avoid The Guilt.


Rabid said...

Wait... you got a new boss? This is big news.

tom lindsey said...

I have been traveling, and will be for the next week or so, but must comment on the pizza-- try this-- cotija cheese, jalapeño and, wait for it, ... grilled pineapple.