Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I masochistically dig the times when I'm overwhelmed to dizziness and near catatonia. We're there now.

Submission four due on Monday. 25ish pages of new essays for my faculty mentor, a craft annotation as yet conceived, and a tidy little cover letter confessing that I probably annotated a different book than the one I was assigned. Whoops.

Submission 3 for my interdisciplinary course due on Friday. A grant proposal. If never you've written one, I say this: don't. Top-to-bottom, it sucks.

Yoga competition poster to be completed. The design's done. I'm just waiting for final information and changes from the powers that be. I strongly suspect that they'll come down last-minute and I'll have to scramble to get things done.

Expense report due Thursday. You know how I loathe those.

End-of-year review for work commences now. Always a party, that.

And that's, of course, just the current big stuff. There's also the little commitments and obligations of the day-to-day. Presently, I'm so swamped that I sort of just sit, inert and confused. It'll all get done. By God's own miracle.

Isn't it nice when everything in your life conspires against you? I know I sure do love it. I feel so cared for.


Jessica said...

It MUST get done. So we can party hard.

'sides. I totally have faith in you and junk.

Lindsay said...

And you even came to Carter's baptism and stayed and visited after...we feel honored! I love you. You're so great!

Megan said...

Jess, I'm not sure it'll all get done--tonight's been a fun mad dash--but I'll be close enough to let it go until I'm back on a plane home.

Lins, I'm so glad that you invited us. We had so much fun. It's lame that I rarely get to see you guys and that I'd never met Brody before!