Sunday, October 23, 2011


Again, like unto darling sister Whit I shall give you a snapshot of right now:

We just finished negotiating curfew with Lauren. She's heading over to a friend's house after a long day workin'. We said that she's not playing designated driver tonight, that if people are drinking and she's worrying about them driving she can steal their keys; but they chose to drink, so they need to have planned what comes next. It's not her job to be responsible for everyone's choices. Lo told us this won't be a concern tonight because it's Sunday night and people have work tomorrow.

I pause now to speak only to my mother: Susie, worry not. Lo isn't a drinker. She doesn't like the idea of drinking calories. She's very smart like that. And she doesn't hang out with major boozers. Some of her friends drink some. But not her bestie of late, Kindra. Kindra doesn't drink. At all. So feel good about that.

I'm digesting more pita chips than should have passed my lips. Ugh. And the hummus wasn't even that good. I'm also prepping for a manager ride-a-long this week. For some drug reps that's a major bummer. Not me though. My boss is the best. I like him as a person. I love his coaching style. It's so ideal that I'm often afraid it's not real. (As is my way.)


Sue said...

You know me too well.

whitneyingram said...

Mark Lee, I am proud of you too.

Megan said...

It comforts me, Mother, to know you so well.

I shall relay the message to Romohead, Whit.