Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Romo cell stats for the month of August:

Msg/KB/MB Used • Mark: 1,000,681 / Meg: 459,086

Text Messages • Mark: 1013 / Meg: 539

(Hey Ma, remember the month where Lo's text messages--sent and received together, I believe--were 18,000?)

Minutes Used • Mark: 1,031 / Meg: 262

Anyone else surprised that I use my phone a whole lot less than the mister? I rarely read our cell bill and looking at it this month was rather shocking.

Oh, and current rollover balance: 11,989 minutes. Sure wish I could sell/trade/eat them.


Sue said...

Mark is a Mac man, of course he has more of everything.

Jessica said...

I'm proud to say I contributed to some of them there texts.