Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Did you know that if I find myself in a restroom where the toilet paper's going the wrong way I fix it? Yup. If it's not waterfall-style, I will rectify that. It's something I have to do at my yoga studio at least once a week.

Did you know that when I started school in January I let myself go back on the juice? Yessiree, I indulge in the diet sodee at a dangerous rate. Why? Well, peeps, putting the whole school thing on my plate added a level of stress that required another vice. So I let it be soda. I'm fine with it.

Did you know that there are only 164 songs in my iTunes library at present? Not so much a fan of the music, I guess.

Did you know that if you tell me that you like something of mine there's a pretty good chance I'll just give it to you? Unless it's a staple or a fave fave fave, I'm happy to get rid of stuff that other people like more than I do. I see it as a way to exercise non-attachment. (And avoid going to the Goodwill if at all possible.)

Did you know that I cancelled our pet health insurance? We had the insurance for five years, did an analysis after our most recent [pathetic] reimbursement, and came to the conclusion that it wasn't a good investment. I think five years was a plenty sufficient time frame from which to judge.

Did you know that my eyes are gray? Not blue. Gray.

Did you know that I took six years of French between high school and college and essentially speak/understand none of the language? This should confirm for me that I don't have one of those rememberin' kinds of minds. I only hold on to information so long as I need it. And since I don't need the French to get me some good grades no more, well, I done forgot it.

Did you know that I'm going to The 'Tah on Fridee? 'Tis true. I haven't been to the homestead in nine months and I decided abouts a month ago that such a situation is ridiculous.

Did you know that I talk super fast?

Did you know that I'm hungry right now? I think I'll go get a snack.


SeƱora H-B said...

Oh, fellow toilet-paper-fixer. I knew there was a reason I've been blog-stalking you for all these years...

Rabid said...

I like these random "did-you-know"s.