Monday, June 20, 2011


The whole thing started with an internet post--
A comment, an email, and I was engrossed.
Wrapped and entangled in what had to be love,
I made one of those friends folks only dream of

When I think about Rabid, a very first thought
Is how she grins when she runs (more than one ought)
Each confident stride, practiced and strong
Grants her mug a wide smile (it's a little bit wrong)

But it's a good illustration of Rabid's M.O.
To enjoy what she's doing and where it will go
It's there in her mothering and in things that she stitches
Even when life delivers mean-spirited glitches

Chief among those might be her mate's heels--
A trial beyond measure, a things that reveals,
But when she speaks of that year, one rife with distress
What she'll actually tell you is that they were blessed

And that has to do with the way that she see things
A series of choices and what each one brings--
She doesn't sit back and wait for others to do stuff
She rolls up sleeves and goes through what's tough

It's one of those things that makes her a dream buddy.
She's an actual example, someone I study.
Having her as a friend teaches me more
Than I'd learn on my own or from someone next door

But all of that stuff is somber and therefore askew
For without a bit more, I'd be not all the way true
See something else special about Rabid that's grand
Is her kick-ass sense of humor and wit on demand

Sure, her funnies can be silly, but what's truly great
Is how her intellects feeds her humor in a way that's innate:
You can't buy her punnery or alliterative grasp
I swear I read her blog and literally gasp

And that's where we started, with the intangible word
Snorting and rereading 'til vision was blurred
I've enjoyed her blog archives 'til way past midnight
Cackling and admiring with unabash-ed delight

She's a friend that I cherish beyond what I can say
My gratitude's heavy in a tear-jerking way
And as dumb as that sounds, it is a fact.
She's had a true and unfading, damned good impact


Happy, happy birthday, my dear, dear friend. I honest-to-goodness love you.

Rainbows and butterflies,



Sue said...

A birthday poem? What a great idea!

Megan said...

No kidding. I wonder where one might stumble upon such an great idea. I'm hoping it will help her forgive me for totally blowing the whole on-time birthday gift thing. She very well may have the privilege of a mid-July birthday surprise with the way things are going right now.

whitneyingram said...

I often think of how bizarre these internets are. No one knew what blogging was just a few short years ago. The closest thing people had to contacting the outside world on the WWW were chat rooms. But now you are friends with Amber, who without blogging, I can't see how there is a way you would have come in contact with her and in a way that you can see someone's personality so profoundly. Yeah for blogging! And yeah for Amber.

Yesterday, on her FB page, I wrote, "Happy Birthday Poopy Pants".

Rabid said...

Oh. My. I'm speechless. I'll be back. Oh. My.

Jessica said...

You rule.

Also, I love that picture of the two of you.