Thursday, June 3, 2010


It's not intermittently dozing anymore, is it? My blog, that is.

Jessica pointed that out to me last night, asking if I was, perhaps, back to blogging? Oh, hell if I know.

Lately I have been posting from time to time and Whitney said that I had to take down the "intermittently dozing" thinger on the title. She said it wasn't a blog taking a nap anymore. Oh whatever. Right now the idea of writing stuff on my blog doesn't make me want to throw up. So I guess I'm blogging. But without any kind of a commitment. This isn't a marriage, see.

My madre is much better than I, however, for she's a blogger. She blogs. And yesterday on her blog she posted a survey. Because I'm super busy and awfully important, I don't generally take time to fill out surveys like that. And who'd want my answers anyhow? But yesterday evening I had a moment between making calls and going to yoga and had finished all my work emails and on-the-go admin work, so I took that moment and used it to consider her survey.

And here are my answers:
1 • Favorite computer program: Photoshop

2 • Car you loved the most: I have no feelings whatsoever about a car I’ve had, though I really, really love having a fleet car.

3 • Snack of choice while watching a movie: A big bag of mixed bulk candy.

4 • Best thing you ever wrote: It might not be the best thing I’ve ever written, but it’s the thing I’m most proud of—a single page, double-spaced response paper on Jacques Derrida in my Literary Criticism Theory class in college. It was the last paper of my college life and what I consider the crowning achievement of my undergraduate education.

5 • Your decorating style: “Hey, I like that—where’s my debit card?”

6 • Last book you read: Does a module on atrial fibrillation comorbidities count?

7 • Last thing you regret eating: three, yeah—count ‘em: 3!—plates of nachos on Sunday.

8 • Exercise of choice: Yoger! The power kind and the hot kind, despite the fact that Bikram is the most miserable 90 minutes of my life—every single time.

9 • Code you live by: “Get so good at one thing that you can make enough money to pay people to do everything else.” Is that a code or just a philosophy? Code? Uh, how about: “Do your best to tell your truth through the way you life. Embrace a certain level of translucency.” (Needs work, I know.)

10 • Most attractive feature: my wrists.

11 • Favorite cooking tool: Kitchen scissors.

12 • Essential beauty item: mascara; I can barely bear looking at myself in the mirror without it, and my high school years are a heavy manifestation of that.

13 • I make a killer: Cup of tea.

14 • Don’t ask me to: vacuum, do laundry, eat meat, watch a dog fight, and reveal my weight.

15 • Get out of my way when: I’m determined.

16 • Someday I will: get my graduate degree. And be able to look at my body without wanting to knife it.

17 • …was the best time of my life and I didn’t even know it. Can’t answer this—goes against the way I try to live. Happiness is relative and has various colors. A happiness I feel in one phase of my life can’t overshadow or supersede happiness in another area. In different phases happiness is sparked by different things and thus unable to be compared to others. Apples and oranges. You know.


Julie said...

I would like to read the Derrida paper. No, seriously. I would. That is exactly the same class that I have done some of my most intelligent writing and learned the most from, despite the fact that it made me want to murder someone...usually Prof. Kubarycz or the know-it-all in the back row.

Megan and Keli'i said...

Love all of this. I may post my own answers to this on my blog, I your mom doesn't mind...

You're one fascinating human, Megan.

Lisa said...


Would you email me if you have the time?
I have tried contacting you via email but unfortunately it will not deliver.