Monday, June 7, 2010


Some folks have been mighty offended by this Lululemon ad:

They found it crass. Over-the-top. Low-brow. Embarrassing.

Me? I saw it on the back cover of the most recent Yoga Journal, guffawed with glee, and quickly located my husband so that I could proclaim its genius.

Two things: first, it is an actual concern, this yoga camel toe nonsense--so common that you just end up ignoring it on yourself and others. Second, this was an ad that actually snared me; it made a good point without hem and haw. And for the most part it proved that Lululemon knows its customers and their needs--an ad made of solid market research and conveyed with wit and realism.

Say what you mean, I say. They did. I found it brilliant.


Jessica said...

I believe I chuckled to myself when I saw this. I'm a lover of the Lululemon and their overpriced goodies. And, they make a good point.

La Yen said...

I love the phrase "camel toe," and its seventh-grade brother, "polterwang." I will buy anything from a company that is awesome enough to employ them in their ads.

Unknown said...

Hahahaha! That is awesome.

L said...

Literally laughing out loud over this. Too funny and too true.

Tricia said...

what the sam hell is a polterwang?!

and I'd like to have been in that meeting where the the anti-camel-toe engineer is pitching his new technology to the marketing department. :)

that said, I'd like to add, that's a pretty sweet photo, and I agree with your point.

L said...

Tricia, according to urban dictionary a polterwang is the following: the "phantom penis" effect certain pants have upon the female form.
"These new jeans make my ass look great but give me a polterwang when i sit down."

Tricia said...

C.C.....thanks for the's awesome.