Saturday, May 22, 2010


Thanks to the portability of my new 'puter, I spend about, well, zero time in my office (the state of neglect in there verges on humiliating), and I'm enjoying doing a bit more designing. I did the seed packet for Whitney's little Vi, and before that I designed this—as a 24X36—for Cat's bebe's nursery:

And these—as 16X20s—for our house (they just arrived in the mail today and look rather sharp):

I like that my relaxation activities have visible results that I believe I'm not mistaken in being proud of. If I'm looking to just chill out after working and yoga (which, incidentally, totally and completely and without intermission kicked me all over the playground this afternoon), I perch on the love seat in the loft, turn on a movie that I've seen a bunch of times—so that it doesn't necessitate my attention and serves as background noise, and open up my computer to turn one of my ideas into a reality.

However, though this stuff is fun and can be seen as sort of productive, I'd really prefer that I elevate myself above a movie, my computer, and a nearby drink night after night to something more intellectually stimulating and productive. But for now that's just not going to happen. My job is presently giving me all the mental provocation that I can handle.


As a side note, wouldn't it have been tops if your parents had named you Goodluck like Nigeria's new president?


L said...

I like the Bb Gg Mm Ww poster...due to the interpretation it allows. I can't decide if the man is thinking outside of the box, pushing his to join the woman, or pushing her over the edge.....

All are lovely, but one shouldn't be surprised since you are a design genius.

cat+tadd=sam said...

I looooove my print, can no one else have it? Ever!

And I'm so freaking excited for my blessing print too. Tee he he!

Megan said...

Go to hell.

Rabid said...

Photoshop genius! That's what you are. Actually, you're just plain genius, but in this particular account, you are of the genus Photoshop species.

I'm also thinking how different my life would be if'n I were named "GoodLuck." It's not an alliteration though, so that wouldn't fly. It would have to be more like "GoodGad!"

Ryan said...

awesome. wonder if the ipod will look like an 8-track by the time vi puts word to pic. goodluck the tops? depends on your parental's degree of sincerity vs sarcasm.

Megan said...

Ryan, that's a really great point. I can't wait to see what we have instead of iPods when the babies are of a reading age.

Oh, and the "go to Hell" was for Cat, and she knows it.