Tuesday, April 6, 2010


In direct contrast to the tidy, typed to-dos of last week, here you have the true state of affairs 'round here--what really guides my comings and goings.

I am, if nothing else, polished.

Go ahead. Try to decipher my chicken scratch. And then would you please let me know what it says?

One thing that is never on my to-do list: Laundry. No kidding. And it's not because I am so darn good at getting the wash done that it never needs to be a part of my things-to-be-reminded-of scrawlings. Instead, the conspicuous absence of "laundry" on my sophisticated to-do list is due to the fact that my spouse is the resident launderer.

I ain' the kind to bore the blogosphere with my moonings and swoonings over my spouse and my perfect life, having too great a penchant for all things truthful and real and a vehement loathing for the over-inflated and shellacked, but it must be said right here and right now: I have the best husband.


Sue said...

Oh, so you've become one of THOSE bloggers...

L said...

Sign in Sheet
Ship Shat
Something looks like Nail Toner...but you stated once that you don't paint your nails so that can't be right. You really can't take my word on any of this I have 20/500 version sans contacts and the left one needs to be removed currently.

I absolutely love utilizing the envelope for to do lists. That and post-its.

Megan said...

It's Ship Shoes and New Toner.

And my office has turned into one large post-it.

L said...

I claimed I was blind. I had to try though, you posted a challenge with the go ahead.

Megan said...

Imagine a world where we don't have contact lenses. Makes you sort of want to croak, doesn't it? I don't express my extreme gratitude for such technologies nearly enough. Thanks for the reminder.

My handwriting is atrocious. But I'm proud of it. I used to be crazy tidy penmanship-wise. It was lovely. And creative. But my sloppy handwriting as of late means that I've given myself some leeway in the name of productivity. It's pretty special. (Though counterproductive when I can't actually read what I wrote. It's a guessing game deviation that I sort of enjoy.)

L said...

A world without contact lenses is a world in which I wouldn't want to live in. Yes I am that shallow. I just don't like glasses fogging up and all that jazz.

I think you have lovely penmanship, at least from the jots on your holiday card. You should see mine. Atrocious it is. It suits me just fine but my father said it was the first sign I should have been a doctor.

whitneyingram said...

Your husband is quite awesome. The fact that he loves pie and is willing to get it at any moment is reason enough to think he is awesome. And he is also awesome because he said he would help me put all my files onto an external hard drive.

Jessica said...

When I saw the title of the post I was thinking I would find a Martha Stewart-esque project where you repurpose an envelope into a swan or something. No luck.

I like your violent handwriting. It's awesome.

Good to know that your husband is the best. But does he clean bathrooms? Mine did a couple of weeks ago and I think it was one of the greatest things ever. (okay, maybe not "ever", but it was pretty awesome).

Megan said...

I pay people to clean bathrooms, so he's off the hook. But before the maid service he did clean the bathrooms. AND he doesn't watch sports. I'm so completely spoiled.

Megan and Keli'i said...

I am a professional launderer. Don't wanna brag, but it's just one of my many talents...cleaning bathrooms, washing floor and laundry. I too have really bad penmanship, and that, I guess, could also be a talent...to read it, I mean.

I know you are so jealous at all of my talents.

And yes, your spouse is quite a guy. He'd have to be to sweep your 20-year-old gonna-conquer-the-world-self off your feet. And he must still be amazing since you're still out there conquering, and he encourages that.

Jessica said...

Ah, the not watching sports. I love that. My husband doesn't care for them and I so appreciate it.

The bathroom cleaning was a fluke. Pretty sure he was just trying to get lucky.

L said...

Well you are essentially married to Apple so isn't it a given that you married the cream of the crop Sparks? I'd say so. After working on my PC work computer all day I am damn near close to making sweet love to my iMac upon arrival at home.

Rabid said...

Now this:

"a penchant for all things truthful and real and a vehement loathing for the over-inflated and shellacked"

is the prettiest piece of prose I've peered upon in, like, months.

Winder said...

When I worked full time my husband was in charge of cleaning the bathroom every Thursday and laundry on Fridays. I cleaned the bathroom every Saturday and rewashed laundry that had been left in the washer for days at a time. You are very lucky. Positive note: I am the one who watches sports around here.

whitneyingram said...

Sports are definitely watched around here. Like The Masters are on right now. But Ethan isn't too intense. Like if I asked him to turn it off and make me dinner right now, he would do it.

Ryan said...

love it.

chicken scratch, shmicken scratch. as apropos as that would be for a hen peckling, your scrawl'o'font is far too swoopy to resemble chicken trax in the corn meal.

my favs:
• treats to reno ♥ cam. wha?
• fix desk. oh!
• talk re $$$. not $. or $$. but $$$. must be serious.
• measure gap report. i can save you some time. 8.5 x 11. possibly 14.
• in general, love the adjective/verb ambiguity:
o ship shoes
o shoulder doctor
o sample inventory
o water schedule