Thursday, March 18, 2010



There are benefits to living in Reno. Sometime I'll try to figure out what they are. One of them, however, has just landed in my lap.

It's a huge music and yoga festival that takes place, oh, an hour from my house.

I must go. It should be a prize I give to myself for being awesome or something like that. What with living here and all I won't need to get a hotel or transportation.

However, I'd prefer not to go alone. Any takers?

Whether or not you want to come with me, you should really consider making this the crown jewel of your summer plans. Beginners, experienced practitioners, dabblers--all are encouraged to go (and will have the time of their lives). If you've never gone to a yoga festival you're really missing out. And this one is yoga and music. A tantalizing twofer.


Whoa, two posts in one week.

Am I back? Back to blogging? Uh, I dunno. I'm in no way liking the idea of regular blogging, but today I just felt like I needed to post something, and this time--for I've felt like this before--I didn't push the feeling aside. I succumbed.

And it's not as if the Great Spirit gifted with me a few extra hours in the day to play with. No, I still just have the regular old 24 just like everyone else. (And here I thought I was better than the rest of you.) Blogging has always been something to do when I don't want to do what I'm supposed to be doing. (This is most certainly where I find myself now.) I'm not appearing here because suddenly I've found something earth-shattering I want to say or even because I've found a clever way to say something not so earth-shattering. Without reason, without rhyme (mostly), I'm here. So the blog's less In Hibernation as Intermittently Dozing. A terrific metaphor for my perpetual state.

(Yes, I see how Remarks could look to be gradually returning to a daily barrage of blather. Trust me, we won't get back there. The mere thought sends shivers down my very bendy spine.)


Jessica said...

Yes, please.

whitneyingram said...

I really like the word lust.

Can I take credit for your posting? I am constantly hassling you to blog and you just did. Maybe I am finally getting through.

My25Cents said...

How I've missed you so....
Oh my, I wish I lived closer so we could take in a good festival together -- since we go wayyyy back. Right?
Thought of you as I was bemoaning the lack of good television and turned to my West Wing collection for solace.
I welcome your partial return with restrained giddiness.

Megan and Keli'i said...

I definitely miss your witty, sassy self. And benefits to living in Reno? Uh, you're right next to TAHOE! The greatest place in the world! I would love to join you in your yogafest just to head to Squaw Valley. Why did my parents have to MOVE? PS- I need to start doing yoga because my body is an old lady body. And since places around here are hard to come by, do you recommend any sort of video? Or is that ghetto in the world of yoga?

And I hope you're ready to be accepted to all seven schools. Do you know which one you'll pick when that happens?