Friday, December 4, 2009


I should rate this post E for "excited."

I am on American Airlines flight 2513 right now. I mean it--right as I publish this from my beloved telecom n' more device. For I am enjoying the air's latest amenity: WiFi. It's doing a top-notch job of helping me to pass the time.

We are an hour and a half into the 3-hour joy ride from Raleigh/Durham to Dallas/Fort Worth and I've already marked three stone-and-silver rings on Etsy as Favorites (for I'm still on the self-inflicted apparel spending freeze), replied to an email from Rabidtraveler (you're awfully ill, Rabid--have you considered that it might be the-real-thing rabies?), commented on a couple blogs, googled some sweet art that I plan to share with you later, read the latest of your comments on yesterday's Ask-N-Gab (Seriously? I had to post a question about teevee to get this size of a response out if you? Shouldn't you be sort of ashamed?), and responded to a couple of design inquiry emails.

I'm being productive and having a fine time. And I'm flying. I can fly! "Nifty" doesn't even begin to describe. I find myself enscorcelled.

I was sure there was no way for me to find an even deeper love for this phone. Well, I was dead wrong.

(Whoopsie. Very bad metaphor for air travel. Sorry, The Husband; this is a very smooth flight, and I'm going to be completely fine. Please just remember (not that you have ever forgotten) to pick me up at the airport this evening, okey doke? I don't want to take a cab.)


Ryan said...

hi up there! i'm happy for you (seriously).

me? i fear the day when wi-flight becomes standard practice. at the moment plane rides represent my only true moments of completely disconnected bliss. i do not need to be tethered to work from the sky as i am everywhere else my blackberry and i roam. aside from work, t'would be grand no doubt :).

Jessica said...

Dude, you're in a chair in the sky. Emailing.


Ryan said...

lol luv me some louis c.k. 4megan: 2:00 4rabid: 2:38

btw, jessica, he took it all back on a private jet with ricky gervais, but i dare not link to that one.

Jessica said...

I'm so glad someone got my slightly obscure reference, Ryan.

I'm gonna go watch that clip again...

Kelsey Carreon said...

I would have loved wi-fi when I flew back east in October. I heard Delta had it but I didn't know American did too.

Tricia said...

that's amazing....i wondered how long it would be before internet came to the friendly skies. and I love the new word for my vocabulary: enscorcelled.......awesome!

and any ride into dfw is a joyride...literally. never had a non-windy, smooth landing into the double-horseshoe. in fact I audibly said the "f" word once when on my way to san antonio thru dfw. I felt like cougar on top gun.....we were side to side....wing up, wing down.....dear lord I'm hyperventilating thinking about it. hope your landing was muuuuuuuch smoother.

Misti said...

Hrm, interesting. I shall have to see if my flights tomorrow and later this week have it on board. I'm not flying AA though, which is my standard.