Thursday, December 17, 2009


Why is ours a culture of pictures and not one of words?

A picture can have the worth of words a-many, but they're frequently words without imagination. Words so often recycled.

Pictures, especially those mimicking others and reprocessing an image not new, ought to accompany words. Not replace them. Much more than not, pictures should be an accessory, an accompaniment, not the main event.

A single picture of millions has the explosive gravitas to qualify as pièce de résistance and surpass mere adjunct status, elevating itself to be a headliner. An image singular amongst the dross.

Words have a better power than pictures do to evoke articulate response. One can only drop pretty!, marvelous!, amazing!, gorgeous!, wow!, and all that other timeworn drivel so many times before each word, each phrase, is shallow, insignificant, and worthless elsewhere.

Words, however, can be arranged in ways unique enough to spark a response solid and unique itself. Words embolden thoughts, vivifying emotion. Pictures necessitate an adjective to two and too regularly leave the watcher wanting.

Blogs make some things better. But they foster a culture wherein ardent word love is sparse. Fingers poised on keys that quickly generate whatever we want them to, we have an opportunity of ease to arouse one word orgy after another, leaving something hearty behind--on a blog, a hidden hard drive, a piece of printed paper--something that is more powerful than one digital image among so many.

Surely, let us take images that last, but let us craft with words as well.

Let us write.

I lurch at art just as often as the next non-artist, but I think a culture of pictures-only, and mostly poor ones without soul at that, is a lazy one.


Jessica said...

"to arouse one word orgy after another"

I really like that. For you made an orgy sound like a good thing.

Thanks for the inspiration.

L said...

When isn't an orgy a good thing Jessica? I mean look at that splatterings of wordgasm that hang on your wall that leave you satisfied. Now think of all the folk I have gifted that to who have enjoyed it, see one word orgy. Not to mention you keep ordering more and more of those wordgasms.....does that make it legalized? I mean you were just in Nevada, be it the wrong county.....

Glorious post Megan, glorious. I do love when you leave me satisfied and wanting more of your words. Be it via blog or email. Feed me through the written word please?

whitneyingram said...

Are you just trying to plug Logophilia? Kidding.

I think words show personality and individualism. They are thoughtful and personalized.

Pictures also have their power. A single glance can invoke memories and feelings. The key, just like words, is that they have to be selected carefully.

There needs to be a happy balance between both pictures and words. Both should stir emotions and provoke thought.

Misti said...

This is why I often don't always comment on blogs. Even if I feel a vital connection to a photo or even to a word, I don't like saying "right on", "awesome" or "beautiful". This goes for Flickr, too. If I have something of value to say, I'll say it.

Now, was that of value? Who knows.

Plus, I also post a lot of photos, but they accompany a story a lot the time.

COME ON BABY said...

Well my dear if my little brain was as sharp as yours I would write, write, write. I know pratice makes perfect but some of us will NEVER be as talented at writing as you. I really think you should write a book. You remind me of David Sadaris (I adore him). Bright, colorful, dark, funny, intense, frustrating. And some of us are super cute and love people to see how cute we are (joking. maybe.)

Rabid said...

Sadly, it looks as though the written word is losing it's luster. I blame text messaging. And facebook. Where 180 measly characters is all anyone can come up with anymore.

Brilliant post, Megan. Brilliant.

Mette said...

A drawing says more than a thousand words.

I always disliked the saying "a photo says more .. blabla", cause it says different things to each person viewing it. Therefor, words are needed to utter what you actually want people to get.
But then again, a lot of people are lost in words and loose track after 4 words, especially the intricate ones. So, both are needed, I guess.

The best I get is good writings combined with my marvelously picturesque imagination. I love the world I create!