Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Last night I wandered from my office into the loft where my taller half was watching a movie. I looked morose. I know because I saw it in the mirror outside said office. The Husband asked how I was doing. I grunted a non-reply. He said that he knew what I meant.

How could that be when I didn't even know what I meant?

He said that I was busy, overwhelmed by my to-do list, frustrated that I only had two hands and twenty-four hours, sleepy, distracted by excitement for my weekend visitor (can you guess who?), and bored at the same time.

He gets me.

What's wrong in the world today:

• My office is a pit of paperwork.
• I have an expense report tapping me on the shoulder.
• My knee hurts. (Did you know that twelve years ago I had knee surgery? A lateral patella realignment. I was, ahem, blessed with a pair of bum knees. The one that was operated on aches at one point or another every single day. The other one catches when I run.)
• I'm mentally mired in some family muck.
• I cursed in front of two of The Husband's coworkers today; the man hates it when I curse so was embarrassed that I slipped. I apologized to them immediately after the whoops!, but it doesn't negate the fact that my man feels like he's married to a moderately well-dressed piece of trailer trash.
• I've been eating just about anything I want with abandon--and what I want is never a pile of healthy things, so I feel like lard.
• I have after-cramps.
• I have a couple of really annoying hangnails and haven't the energy to locate clippers.
• I don't want to blog. (So I probably won't for a few days.)
• I forgot to bring my reusable Whole Foods bags into Whole Foods this evening. So I got the glare.
• I feel stupid.
• Vistaprint completely screwed up my holiday cards.

Life right this second seems to be an insurmountable bummer.

However, wherever there is bad, despite the fact that I really don't want to, I am so often able to stumble upon a speck or two of good:

• I remembered to enroll for my 2010 benefits--a very important deadline didn't pass me by.
• I'm happily married.
• I am genuinely enthused for my incoming house guest--to arrive on Thursday at 4:14PM. A light at the end of the tunnel of the week.
• I had a terrific time in yoga tonight; for the first time ever I donkey-kicked into a handstand (with the confidence of the wall, of course)--and then I did it again.
• I purchased a super rad (yes: "super rad") pair of earrings at Target today for all of $3.48.
• I remembered to bring my reusable bag into Yankee Candle today.
• I renewed my mom's subscription to Real Simple this morning before work.
• My husband brought me a pickle from Dickie's.
• I had my car cleaned.
• I bought Michael Buble's newest album and have been enchanted by his Heartache Tonight cover.
• The weather today didn't necessitate a coat or swear words.
• I remembered to floss my teeth today.

Lots of bad. Quite a bit of good. Life trying to balance itself out and doing a fair-to-moderate job of it.


L said...

Sorry it was one of those days. Hold strong till Thursday till your Rabid friend is there. Just remember, "Life's a bitch, if it were easy it'd be a slut."

Oh, and a giant Huzzah to the donkey kick into handstand!

rabidrunner said...

The great thing about insurmountable bummers? They become mountable bummers. Or mountable bums. Whatever. I'm guessing you need a pick-me-up-tune? I'm guessing.

rabidrunner said...

Or a soul-soother?

tom lindsey said...

Thanks for the reminder. I finally sent in a rather sizable expense report that has been sitting on my desk since July!!

You have done your good deed for the day. Rest well

Jessica said...

mountable bums, rabid? that's funny.

megan, nice work balancing your dark side with your bright side.

happy weekending with your rabid.

Megan and Keli'i said...

So, life is just so-so right now huh? Yes, I know all about that. Time to jazz it up. Need a change. Do something crazy. I'll expect a full report.

whitneyingram said...

Family muck huh? I know what it is. You feel bad for making me barf up my entire lunch. I told Dad about it and how it was our favorite salad and he was so sad. We both get it the same way. Avocado added and extra dressing. I am still mourning.

Do me a favor. Will you make me a copy of that CD? I am having a life crisis right now realizing that I am no longer cool. No cool clothes or shoes or jewelry and no cool music. Help me out.

Just Sue said...

I just love you, Megan. And, it's okay for me to say that because I am your aunt!