Friday, November 27, 2009


To keep the secret safe, I had all the boxes shipped to my storage unit (the staff delivers all packages directly into my unit, sending me an email upon deposit), and I picked them up this morning after dropping off The Husband at the Apple store for a day of frenetic selling.

Four boxes, and I could swear the long box weighed more than a post-Thanksgiving family of six.

I stopped by Walgreens on the way home to purchase 200 small, silver paperclips.

In three trips I hauled everything in through the garage, dropped it all on the floor, and then made myself some eggs and toast. I sure was hungry after all that lugging.

Five hours, 135 ornaments, 150 paper clips (for I neglected to order ornament hooks and some of the clips broke), 25 bows, and a tree skirt later, the Romo house bore its very first Christmas tree. This is our eighth Christmas together and our first conifer, faux or otherwise. 'Cause I've never wanted a tree (read: needless, expensive hassle), and The Husband is an agreeable man.

But last year he mentioned that he was sick of not having a tree. Why don't we celebrate the holiday? he whined (rather like a little girl).

'Cause I don't wanna.

Even I could hear how selfish that sounded falling out of my mouth and bouncing up and down on the tiled floor.

So I decided to fix it. With him unawares.

I employed the Giving Tree (my iMac), ordering a 7' faux tree (blessedly pre-lit), 135 ornaments of various sizes, shapes, and hues of gold, silver, and brown, a tree-topper, and a matching skirt, for no tree well-dressed up top should have to go smokeless.

As I carefully hooked each ornament over the course of five hours (okay four, 'cause it took an hour to put the tree together and fluff all the branches appropriately), I knew I was going to ruefully regret this act of heroism come December 26th when everything would need to be taken down and stowed. I considered a few times spitefully telling the Husband that he'd have do to the take down because I did the set up. Don't get me wrong, the five hours were well buoyed with the thought of my spouse's happy shock upon coming in from the garage; it wasn't an awful time. Just tedious. And tiring.

And worth every paper-clip-bending second when I brought the Husband home from work to a decorated and lit tree, earning myself the precise reaction I'd predicted and hoped for. Our very first Christmas tree. A phenomenal surprise.

And I thought of it all by myself.

(I'd take the scrolly thing off the wall, but it's nailed in there so expertly an earthquake couldn't dislodge it.)

This is one of those moments that I'm really happy I've never claimed to be a photographer, for the tree's picture would make me into one heck of a hypocrite. Am I allowed to say, Trust me, it looks better in real life? I think so, for with 5 hours of my life invested, you'd better believe it looks nice and I'd prefer you not think otherwise.


Jessica said...

You wait until the 26th? Our stuff comes down on the afternoon of the 25th.

I'm so please this (5 hour!) effort of yours produced the desired effect.

Sue said...

Um...Ah...Uh...Wow. I am speechless, which is saying something.

It's lovely! I'm glad you did this, knowing how Mark likes it, and that he can't visit for the holidays.

Funny what love can accomplish...

Also, as a suggestion, rather than tear it down, can you cover it with sheets or a large bag of some kind (you can get large tree bags at the tree lots) and then store the whole thing in the back corner of the garage. Just a thought.

Well done, Sparkler.

Megan said...

Oh! There's certainly a place in the back of the garage. Maybe that would work.

Glad I could speechless you.

Ashley Thalman said...

I love it! It looks so great. So so great.

Natalie said...

Gargeous tree! My husband is the exact opposite of yours. Every year he whines that I insist on putting one up when it means we have to move some furniture, he has to get the boxes out of storage, and there is nobody but us two and the dogs to enjoy it. Wow, how sad did I just make my life sound? (I just worked a soul-crushing Black Friday shift at Bath and Body Works, there is some ho-hum going around here today.) (We leave our tree up until Jan 1.)

Julie said...

There is nothing more awesome than surprising your spouse.

Winder said...

How did Mr. Megan like the tree. I think my husband would be happy if I didn't insist on putting up a tree.

Also, I will try to figure out how to put dates on my posts. I am a blogging slacker.

You will just have to meet my little guy in person next time you come this way. You won't believe his eyes.

L said...

It looks smashing. I am similar to you see no point in the tree, mostly because it usually takes up the space I like to consume on the floor and blocks my heating vent. I really enjoy removing the tree on Christmas day just so I can have my vent back. I am silly but I like my warmth.

Megan and Keli'i said...

Way to bury your inner Scrooge. Beautiful tree.

Lucy Beesley said...
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whitneyingram said...

Whoops, I just commented under Lucy's name. She is nice and gives me her sign in and password so I can see and make fun of the private blogs of the lame girls we went to high school with. That's true friendship.

But remember by cool flocked tree?

Did Vanderpool jump up and down like a little girl like I picture he did? I will bet he did.

Kelsey Carreon said...

B..E..A..U..TI.. FUL!! I think the simplest trees look the best. White lights and not to many ornaments. Perfect!

Megan said...

Golly thanks. Husbandiero asked me if he got to make ornaments to add to the tree, knowing how much that would bug me. (Men are great.) "Of course not," I told him. "The tree is for you and the fact that it all matches the house is for me."

My25Cents said...

If this isn't a pre-emptive strike before Santa starts his tallying, I don't know what is! I can feel it in my bones. Well played. Well played.

Megan said...

Aw, thanks. I did this Christmas Miracle and then I sent my husband my Christmas list. Smart, eh?