Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Is there a blog that you’re continually taken with? One that never fails to please or ignite you? One you wish all would read? And that you don’t know why everyone doesn’t already?

Is there a blog about which you think, How has everyone else not discovered and subscribed to this URL? Is it my job to alert them? Did they look once without arousal and not return for another chance? They need to go back! They need to try again! We all have our off days; maybe when they visited it was an off day for the author or the reader.

I have a blog like that. It’s Rabid’s

Go ahead, roll your eyes. You already know about my crush on that blogger. When will I just shut up and write about something actually interesting?

Why would I put together a post like this? Why would I go on and on about a blog you already know I read, about a gal you already know I like just a little too much? Why patronize you with broken-record posting? Well, sometimes you just gotta yell and scream. You know: sometimes it’s the only thing to do. So I’m just gonna open up and get the crowd’s attention turned to . . . who? A blogger with spice enough to make a dull day toothsome.

Be not fooled by her address, Rabidrunner’s blog is not one of only footfall anecdotes. There’s more—and even her tales from the pavement can enrapture.

Oft times I read a post she crafted and I don’t know how to respond. I want to reply with cleverness equal to her sentiments and their indicators, but I just don’t have it. I can’t give the post its due.

Is this just part of an online push-me-pull-you? An relationship where she plugs me and I plug her? A friendly quid pro quo? No. If that’s what you think, you and I haven’t met. I don’t do that kind of shallow facetiousness. I do sincerity. I do stuff with substantiation. The blog itself is the substantiation. And to send you where I believe you belong, I have highlighted a few posts I considered noteworthy. I’m doing the leg work for you. Should you expect each post in the archive shines as brightly as these? I hope not, for then what are your unreasonable expectations of me?
Big Decisions
Bowl Cut
Something's Gotta Go!Carbo Diem
(Girl)Friends who Run
Food Blog
My Problem with Fairy Tales
(I have specific reasons for liking these posts. Because I've been especially verbose lately, I'll let you guess what those reasons are instead of writing 'em out.)

Of course it makes sense that my friendship with this online someone would be nourished by her blog, but I think that I shouldn’t be the only one who benefits.

Go there. If you’ve got the chops, paw through the archives. If you keep wit and irony in your pocket you won’t be disappointed. Your response to the posts I’m sending you to will say things about you. Let’s hope it says the right things.

Her blog is the blog my innards respond to.

I just gave you a gift—encouragement to enjoy something that speaks to me. Return the favor. Whose blog often has posts that you simply must read to your significant other? Which blog is your mental manna?


L said...

It is no secret that I like to frequent both you and Rabid's musings, my pondering thought was the wit fest, and I don't mean the Rookie Cookie because then it would be an orgy of wittiness, that must ensue when you are actually live in person. That must be a sight to behold.

rabidrunner said...

So Lars left a comment on the (Girl)friends who run post - early, early, early this morning, in fact. When I received the e-mail from her comment, I thought, "Wow. That's random. Wonder why she went there."

Now I know.

(You make me look so much better than I are, Megan darling. And you make me blush all sorts of orange.)

whitneyingram said...

If someone says what you and I will hate them for saying, I am going to poke my eyeballs out. You know what I am talking about.

Megan said...

Oh my gosh, Whit. It will absolutely happen and when writing this it never even occurred to me. Great.

Anonymous said...

Hmm wish I knew you well enough, RC, to oblige and get the offending suggestion out of the way early, but alas I do not. Just in case I won't say dooce. I'll go with By no means am I part of a small or just burgeoning readership, but I enjoy it nonetheless and am frequently sending links to this or that story to family, friends, and/or coworkers when I see interest overlap.

Michelle said...

you are my favorite daily read! I also love reading craft type blogs, like

Kate said...

To avoid eye-poking I shall not say this blog, nor mention the culinary delights of Rookie.

I have a Top Ten of blogs that i religiously check every day. Ones I actually go to rather than being lazy with Google Reader.

I cannot pick between them so shall give you two: (beware of bad language for those easily offended) for opinions book-related; and for when I am feeling crafty and snuggly.

(Otherwise I mostly tweet these days and find myself reading out meandmybigmouth's ones more often than not)

whitneyingram said...

Oh you funny people. No one has said what I was hoping they wouldn't. And for heaven's sake, say mine!!! I LOVE MY BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rabidrunner said...

I go to rookie-cookie every day. Every damn day.

I've been inspired to write my own tribute post to the blogs I frequent. Of course the Megster and the Whitster will be at the top.

Is MegSTER and WhitSTER what you were hoping no one woudld say? I'm sure it is. You guys don't seem like to the type that would appreciate a ster on your name.

I KNOW! Someone's gonna say, "If you like her so much, why don't you marry her?!" Then we could have a controversial prop 8 discussion over it.

My25Cents said...

I'm new to your blog (where have you been all of my life?!) and just when I finished reading your back-drama (all entries) you hit me with THIS?! Another fabuloso blog I must frequent, lest the blogging gods frown and send chain e-mail to clog my inbox. I just added Rabid to the Reader. Another 2 minutes of ignoring my child. As if my ticket to hell hadn't already been purchased. Poor unfortunate soul.
Must reads? Your site. and and

Misti said...

Well, you are one my top 10 blogs I hit first to read in my reader. Then there is also:
CJane and NieNie of course
And my brother's blog because I always hope I can see cute photos of my niece.

Megan said...

I love you, Whitney.

L said...

Dude I name dropped all three of ya that I blog stalk and put a dirty diddle in there for ya. An orgy wasn't controversial enough for you Megan? Gosh I am going to have to brainstorm much harder next time. :)

rabidrunner said...

I'm surprised no one has mentioned Bishop Higgins.

Megan said...

Guess you just did.

Lindsay said...

So, I just read through some of her entires...pretty dang funny. She has a new reader!

Jessica said...

Noisy as a Fire Truck, Megan. I like it.

You, Rabid, Whitney, Lars. You guys are my peeps. Against your will, most likely, but my peeps nonetheless.

Mommy blogs make me feel like crap.

L said...

Look on the bright side Jessica, at least you are not wiping and cleaning up crap like those Mommy blogs so love to do.