Thursday, October 1, 2009


Back in April, Ashley, husband, and Dotter stayed the night at our place on their way to San Francisco.

I love having company, and part of what I enjoy most are lazy mornings--mornings when everyone rousts when it's convenient, congregates in the kitchen area, makes breakfast, chatters, patters in slippers, and prolongs the inevitable: showers, dressing, and leaving. I prefer the pajama-pace.

Ashley treats her camera as AmEx once bid customers to treat their travelers checks--never leaving home without. Not a moment of that Dotter's life is going to go undocumented. Not one. And that includes her visit with my dogter, a little being that's not interested in having her picture taken; Ashley deserves something shiny for capturing what she did.

A trio of encapsulated stories, snagged by the talented Mrs. Thalman:

Thanks for these pictures, Ash. You know how I feel about my dog, silly as it may be, and the images you grabbed are, of course, the best ones ever taken of my little fuzzy baby.


Julie said...

I think Harperr is the most photographed baby on the planet, but its ok cause she's cute...almost as cute as Sophie.

Jessica said...

love the look on the dotter's face when you're playing with your dogter.