Tuesday, June 2, 2009


My guess is that a good portion of you live in the Utah Valley area. Okay, it's not a guess, I have trackers that tell me so. So for the many of you who live 'round there (and those who have a taste for travel to the Mormon Mecca), do keep an eye out for SeƱor Hackworth's exhibit of his 30 Strangers project for 2009 (mothers and daughters). I was privileged to be a part of it and you'd be privileged to take part in the viewing of it.

Keep yourself up to date by frequenting said photog's blog Here. Subscribe even; it's one of those things you don't find yourself regretting.

See below for the project's visual summary that I stole from his blog to entice you.


Matt said...

Fabulous. I am there.

Kelly Mo said...

Nope. Don't live in the Mormon Mecca. But the photog's blog is fab!

Alicia said...

I SO live in the Mormon Mecca! (just wanted to say that! Never heard that one before).