Saturday, June 20, 2009


In the comments of the last post, Shelby Lou left me the URL for this little pleasure. If you have frequent thoughts about or feelings for your iPhone 3Gs (or just really want one and want to make yourself angry about not having it yet), watch the video. You'll laugh. And then find yourself humming the little tune later.

Again, you know I'm not a frequent video embedder. This is only the second. Ever. I only do it when they're good. And particularly applicable to my own life. Which is what this blog you're reading is all about.

And really, one of the nifty features of my new best friend is video. Who knows? Maybe you'll get really lucky and I'll post more and more videos I made myself.

Eat up. And enjoy.


TexasRanger said...

Okay, you are not making me feel better about being a poor college student.

Shelby Lou said...

YAY for Julian Smith!!!

Jess Hammond said...

It is a brown football helmet

Julie said...

I want one. Being poor sucks.

Unknown said...

I'll be lovin' my my iPhone 3G "obsolete" quite happily thank you very much! Works for me for now. I love it.