Monday, June 8, 2009


Just now, I wrote an email. I do that. A whole bunch.

As I do every day, I typed it up quickly and, on autopilot, zipped my mouse up to Send. Just before clicking Send I decided to do a quick proofread. I hadn't planned on it as the thing wasn't of the nature that generally merits taking the time for a last read-through before handing off to the courier.

I'm ever so glad that I scanned this one.

I often sign off my emails



(Short for "Best regards.")

This time I wrote



Three cheers for proofreading.

And slowing down.


Could this have been Freudian? Am I wishing for breasts 'cause I have none? Do I yen to be buxom? I can confidently say no. Down with cleavage. Up with sternums.
Down with big. Up with pleasantly petite. (Good thing el husband [ardently] agrees.)

Remind me sometime to tell you about how my mom (the witty Hen whose comments you so enjoy) once told me (in a tone of reassurance, if I recall correctly) that more than a handful is unnecessary, and I countered to say that, rather, more than a mouthful is just waste. Oh, wait--I just did.


J said...

haha. my mother always said "more than a wine glass is wasted." although, not being a wine drinker, it didn't mean much...

meg said...

J, that's genius. In my case it's "more than a shot glass . . . " but not being a drinker . . .

Keli'i and Megan said...

After three kids and breastfeeding, I yearn for breasts, I say with confidence. Even if they are petite ones because they are now non-existent. Maybe I should now sign my letter "Breast, Megan."

Alicia said...

That's funny.

J said...

Megan, I'm more of a "shot glass" girl myself. I used to yearn for those "wine glasses," but now that i'm a grown up I have realized that "wine glasses" would be annoying.

although i am concerned about the post-breastfeeding breasts. i've heard scary stories....(good thing children are not in my immediate future)

Keli'i and Megan said...

Or maybe I should sign my letters: "Breast Wishes" because I do...wish that I had some, that is. And how I do wish I had read your post that is now an un-post. Curiosity.

J said...

i am also curious about the mystery post. especially since the dang googley reader imports several sentences, which whets my appetite and then nada.

although, i do respect your reasoning for taking the post down. sensitivity is a great quality just like thinking is. they go hand in hand.

Lars said...

The curiosity sparked by Remarks from Sparks just adds to why she is so provocative and deserves to win that little blog award.

~Morgan~ said...

i had a dream the other night that one of my deflated boobs hung down to my belly button. i was frantic and couldn't figure out how to fix it.
i guess that is the trama having 2 children has caused me and my chest:)
and, wow. i missed something (above post),that's what i get for taking a blog break.