Friday, May 1, 2009


I've been asked (rather tersely when it's a client who reads my blog) how I'm able to find the time post my Remarks so often.

Because I can be benevolent at times, I'll let you in on the trick: when necessary, I schedule my posts.

(See screen shot below for where the scheduling option is, if you aren't already in love.)

I'm a veritable fount of opinions and ideas. Some palatable. Some not. And more often than not, when a key concept strikes me and I plop down at the computer I love so well to spit it out, I don't post the tidbit right away. I meter out my musings.

When I know that my life is about to get more intense than usual and that I may become too preoccupied or perturbed to blog, I write a bunch of bits and schedule out my posts to cover the time period I'm anticipating. A vacation. A work trip. A lot to design. Et cetera.

Because of some arbitrary obligation I've placed on myself (no one out there says I must blog and must do so regularly; many a blogger's an infrequent poster), I must post often. Because I consider it a pretty direct reflection of a part of me (for it's certainly not all of me, Dear Reader) I want my blog to remain the dynamic "document" it is. According to the strange rules that I impose on myself, that requires a commitment to frequency.

So to uphold said commitment, I schedule. Sometimes two or three weeks out. No kidding. But that's how prolific my Opinionater is. At any one time, it's spewing information enough to fill weeks of blogging.

There are certainly times that I post some concept straightaway. And often I'll get smacked with an idea that needs to be posted tomorrow, so I'll reschedule the post that's on the docket for the day after today. And sometimes still I've nothing at all ready to post and must act accordingly. The real fun of it for me is that you, Dear Reader, don't generally have a clue which situation we're in the midst of.

. . . did I write this post last night? This morning? A month ago?

It's anyone's guess.


Annie said...

I am now trying to figure out in my head which blog posts you scheduled in advance and which were spontaneous. Tough call…

Thanks for the clutch, by the way! I got it last week and have been using it regularly ever since. Best giveaway ever.

rabidrunner said...

And all this time I thought you were posting in the wee hours of the A.M. Silly me.

whitneyingram said...

Yeah for scheduling posts. Currently, I have posts scheduled all the way through May.

Megan said...

Now you all know Rookie's secret.

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh, you're scheduling blog posts?

The bar just gets higher every time I reach out to grab it.

[Morgan] said...

i'm a scheduler too. although, not a month in advance kind of scheduler. i think people think that i'm on blogger all the time...