Saturday, May 2, 2009


In case you missed my glamour shot over on Hairoin, I thought I'd import it for your viewing pleasure.

When one wants to make their stylist's life hell, they decide that this time they want to go lighter. Lighter than last time. Oh, and while you're at it, pull the violet-red that I wanted last time as well. And deal with my so-dull-they're-green virgin roots. And so the stylist has the hair do a not-so-sexy strip tease. (Like gesso-ing your mop.)

The above is where you end up before slapping on a sweet hue and cropping a to-die-for bob n' bangs, however I really don't think the photo does the color's chutzpah justice.

Personally, I'm glad she didn't stick me with the carrot-top for six weeks.

Oh, and Cat, you should know I cut my own bangs last week. I wanted them shorter. It took me an hour. And I did okay. I think. But I believe that when you get your hands on my head you'll either laugh your nonexistent arse off or smack me upside the head. I'm guessing the latter.


[Morgan] said...

you are hot friend.

Megan said...

Duh, Morgan.

[Morgan] said...

i wasn't being sarcastic, even a little:)