Sunday, May 24, 2009


To the general public:

It is not a "Queue-pon."
It's not "eXspecially."
It's not "supposeBly."
It's not a "mUte point."

Let's say that again: It's not a "mute" point. It's moot. (This tidbit may call to mind Joey's "moo" point, but right now we're talking mute.)

As I'd hope everyone's does, my job brings me into contact with some very smart people. People so smart they make you feel really dumb. Like you should pick up your toys and head back to nursery school where you belong. But my job also brings me in contact with some very mistaken people. People so mistaken that they make you feel really informed.

People who think the common expression is "it's a mute point." Mute. As in silent. As in you can't hear it. As in unable to speak. As in dumb.

When really, they're the ones who are dumb (different meaning, unfortunately), for the expression does not contain the word "mute" but rather "moot." And this point I'm making is not moot. When I hear someone tell me something is "a mute point" (and I wish I could say it's only happened once or twice) I have to turn my head so that they don't see me trying to stifle my laughter at them.

And they don't hear my thoughts wishing that their point truly had been mute.


Sue said...

Wow, it's a good thing you don't make any dumb mistakes.

rabidrunner said...

Mute, moot.. it's all irregardless to me.

Megan said...

No kiddin', Ma. Exspecially 'cause of that whole glass houses thing.

Good thing I'm completely safe there.

Mandee said...

When we were dating, my husband would use the word "across-t"... until I asked him "how do you spell that?"

Misti said...

Nods head to the last three, but the first one...sorry this Texan always says Queue-pon. ;)

carina said...

May I add one to the list? AnywayS Why do so many people insist on making it plural? To drive me coo-coo bananas is my only theory.