Monday, February 9, 2009


I don't need to see it again.

Unless it's to count how many people he offed.

But really, I don't need to see it again.

However, you do need to see it. At least once.

When was the last time I went to a movie during which I didn't leave to visit the restroom at least once, spend 30% of the film fretting that The Husband might not being enjoying himself, wish that I brought more Panda licorice with me, and adjust my position 35 times to try to get comfortable? Friday night. And before that? It's been years. So long ago that I don't remember.

I'm fortunate that the area around my mouth didn't break out or something. 'Cause I spent a hour and half Friday night with my hand clamped over my mouth wide open with shock. (Hey, even though I was awfully preoccupied, my manners weren't totally out the door. "We are not a codfish . . . ")

Jason Bourne? Bah!

Indiana Jones? Excuse me?

Jack Bauer? Pansy!

Lara Croft? Get real.

Detective John McLane? Sissy!

Mitch Rapp? Wuss.

Liam Neeson's Bryan Mills could take all of them. All at once. In lightening speed. With his hands cuffed. After being awake for 72 hours.

Groan if I'm wrong, but when you hear "action hero" Liam Neeson isn't the first (or second or third or fourth or fortieth) fellow that pops into your thoughts. Sure, he was the light saber (no, not saver) wielding Jedi Master, Qui-Gon Jinn, (who, incidentally got himself killed with said genre of weapon), but other than that, his roles are mostly benign. Rob Roy you say? Don't be silly.

On Friday, I picked the date night flick, and I did it without ever hearing of the movie, reading a review or watching the trailer. I read the title, the three-sentence synopsis on Fandango and the headliners. Then bought the tickets. I'm not saying that I wouldn't have gone to the movie if I'd watched the trailer. I just would have been a little more prepared.

Fortunately, previews are fancy indicator of what your next hour-and-a-half are going to be like. So when you sit through six previews of action movies, after each whispering to The Husband, Nope, Uh-uh, No way, Not seeing that one, Don't think so, Too scary, you begin to get the general idea that Intense isn't a sufficient adjective for your evening's entertainment.

I like my movies to have an heap of violence with a side of car crashes and things too incredible to be a part of my real life. This flicker show met my requirements and well beyond.

You read my blog, apparently. You know I don't blog about movies. But I did this one.

Good grief, go see it.


Krissa said...

Cool...I do want to see that one.. I have not heard a whole lot about it!
I saw, 'He's Just Not That Into You' and I really liked was good...if your into the chick flicks!
Thanks for the review!

M to the E to the R to the I said...

Alrighty then. Nates been dying to see it. Thanks for the reassurance.

Rachel Mae said...

So, I've been reading for a while (well, since your Truth to Power post, to be precise) and thought I should de-lurk. Love your writing. In fact, I loved the rhythm of that first post I read as much as the content.

Andrea said...

Perfect! If Morgan and I ever go on a date that's what we'll see!

m.a. said...

I'm always so excited when interesting, adult-ish movies don't have an R rating!

Also, I love, LOVE that you mentioned Mitch Rapp. That is one of my favorite book series(es? yikes, I have bad grammar!).

Thanks for the movie recommendation!