Monday, February 23, 2009


So once upon a time, Victoria’s Secret started out as just lingerie.

Then they realized there was an audience too bashful or unattractive (and aware of it) to purchase their slinky, silky unmentionables. So they branched out into a market safer for people who weigh more than 100 lbs, are shorter than 5'11" and less sexy than Alessandra Ambrósio . . .


But don’t let yourself think that it means that they let go of the Sexy.

Nothing quite like a dumbfounded, blank, or just plain stupid model face (obviously geared to exude sex appeal) to entice me to buy a hoodie.

And the bigger the buzzes, the better.


whitneyingram said...

The best is when they try to make a turtleneck look sexy. Pouty lips, a little mid-section skin, crouched in a suggestive position AND fabric all the way up the neck. Ooooh, sexy.

aezra noell said...

amen! that was gosh awful hilarious! do more, do more :0)

[Morgan] said...

yes! the confused, blank look on those models! ha! too funny.

cat+tadd=sam said...

As for their lingerie shoots...I've never really understood what is so damn hilarious about wearing a bra and undies.