Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Rookie Cookie and I were talking the other day. On the phone. Bet you wish you could talk to Rookie Cookie on the phone.

We were talking about blogs. And blogging.

We do that.

We were discussing people we’ve met online (sounds like a dating service, eh?) and how with some of them the concept of fleshing out the relationship can be quite appealing.

I think you have some readers who would seriously like to meet you. I told her. I know! Let’s do a giveaway—a day cooking with Rookie Cookie herself! That’d go like hotcakes. Your crazy-large fan base would go bananas. (I didn’t really phrase it like that; but wouldn’t it have been clever if I had actually gone with those food metaphors?) And hey, I think you might enjoy meeting some of the other rookie cookies out there . . .

. . .like you’d love to have lunch with RabidRunner, she stated. Unequivocally.

I equivocated, I’d be afraid she wouldn’t like me in real life.

You’re the same person online and in real life, she told me.

Actually, I’m shorter in real life.

And I don’t have the benefit of kneading my words before flinging them at Earth. In real life, they just swing out of my trap and run amok, terrorizing the neighborhood.

Online is a nice place. I’m very into being the real me—brazen, opinionated, introspective now and then—on my blog, but it is a “real me” that is a tad more practiced.

So the blog buddies (I’m not down with calling them "bluddies")—yes, of course I mean you—I’ve made have encountered the real me; or at least the Real Me that employs Thought before Speech. (Ah, and how real can that actually be . . . ?)

We commit to blog. We cross clicks. We develop friendships of a sort. And even if they remain in the Intangible of cyberspace, those relations do have the ability to enrich a life and prompt ideas.

So thanks. You often spark Remarks from Sparks.


Post post: Do me a favor and know that I was joking about the cooking with Rookie Cookie giveaway. You know, I can be silly from time to time.

Post post post: I'm not actually obsessed with RabidRunner. I don't sit outside her house smoking cigarettes and flicking the butts out the window as I wait for her to emerge from her stronghold to get the mail. I don't know where she lives. She's not my family, and I mentioned her twice within a week, so I realize that it makes me seem smitten and stalking. Let's go with coincidental thoughts instead, if you please.


cat+tadd=sam said...

I thoroughly enjoy you.

{Erica} said...
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{Erica} said...


I wonder how many crazies peed a little when they read they might just do a kitchen date with Rookie Cookie? That'd be a little too iffy for me to open up my home like that.

I for one love this whole blog world and have reconnected with people from the past (ahem!) and met some people I knew I was destined to "meet".

I have in fact met up with some of my fellow bloggers and readers of my blog and must admit I was a bit nervous myself...I mean did they remember how muscular my calves actually are? What if I scare them away?

We ate. We laughed. We keep in touch.

I think it helped that who I am on my blog is who I am in person (sans the muscular calves because a picture with those babies would take up too much space in my little space on the WWW).

As stated already, I do enjoy your blog. Yes. I do.

Diane Miller said...

I love your humor, your sassiness and the way your mind works! It's been a breath of fresh air or a good laugh everyday. This round you sparked a remark from me!

rabidrunner said...

Listen bluddie... gots lots to say. HOWEVER, I'm up to my eyeballs with morons trying to do their own taxes. Stay tuned.

p.s. My sister thinks we're kindred spirits. And I just told my friend the other day that I should take a road trip to Sparks so I can meet the one and only you who is most admired and close-but-not-quite stalked by me.

Would be funny to open my door and see you smoking!

Jenny said...

I laughed out loud when you said you are shorter in real life. Then I had to cover it up because my daughter was talking to me and I had to pretend I was listening to her and thinking what she said was so funny just then.