Thursday, January 22, 2009


So say you’re a human,
And say you have hair
I’m with you so far
With thick hair to spare

Let’s go a bit further
And say your hair’s straight
And that when you flat iron
It verges on great

Say that you travel
And do so a lot
And that a tool for coifing
Is a thing you forgot

Say that without it
You hair’s foofy and sad
And going in public
Can end very bad

Say you went to a meeting
Arrived one day ahead
And realized your error
Before going to bed

Say that that night
All your dreams had to do
With the thing you forgot
And tomorrow's debut

So you rose the next day
With unfixable hair
And went to the lobby
In disheveled despair

The concierge was friendly
(If not afraid)
And suggested a drugstore
Near where you stayed

So you ventured outside
Without a hat to help out
And walked to the store
Per the pointed out route

Say half hour later
And thirty bucks down
You were back in your room
Flattening cause of your frown

All worries assuaged
You went on with your job
Grateful for drugstores
That help coif your bob

The cheapie flat iron
Did you quite well
For four whole days
It made you look swell

So it now has a place
Where it will stay:
The suitcase you carried
For your next away

That problem resolved
Just what should you do
About the sweater you left
For the housekeeping crew?


cat+tadd=sam said...

You survived!? What a relief! Can you only imagine what my hair would look like without my trusty infrashine?

Jenny said...

Somewhere in the world
A maid's life just got better
Where she thought she'd find garbage
she instead found a sweater

She tried it for size
And discovered it fit
Now she's off for the evening
And she'll be a big hit

I'm a big fat nerd
And don't know how to poet
I think you've noticed
And I think I know it