Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Warm, thick, always vegetarian-friendly tomato soup.

Campbell’s tomato soup in the handy on-the-go packaging for people who want to look like they are too busy to sit down for five minutes for some lunch. On this day, I’m pretending to be her.

Smooth. Cuddly warm.

Ah. Campbell’s . . . Mmm, mmm, Goo—Holy high fructose corn syrup! They must be joking. There is high fructose corn syrup in this handy tomato soup? As if.

In the trash it goes.

Belly rumbles a bit. And I find myself cutting a fresh tomato as a pallet for shaken sodium. Cutting the tomato and whining about How lame it is that Campbell’s would be so sneaky as to put that stuff in soup. Candy? Okay. Soup? Why? And then I head to the fridge to look at the Ketchup. On a hunch. Just in case.

No freaking way.

There’s the same detrimental cheap crap in there too.

Commercials aside, this stuff has no business being in my soup or Ketchup. I trash what some would call perfectly edible food.

But it ain’t.

Look hard in your ketchup section for the organic stuff. It’s the only ketchup that gets off scott free. I spent ten minutes in that very spot just to verify.

What a world we live in . . .


Tricia said...

I recently read about the danger of feeding your body HFCS...I had no clue. It is in everything!!! I threw out bread, yogurt, go-gurt, cereal, and various other items. I was as offended as you are to find it in unsuspecting places. I read that it is one of the worst things you can feed your body! It makes me so angry that it is sneaked into our diets for the sake of the food manufacturers almighty dollar!!!

While I know it night be impossible to avoid it completely, I certainly am aware of the places it should NOT be and avoid those foods.

ok thanks for letting me commiserate here on your blog with you.......I will step off the soap box now.

whitneyingram said...

I miss Tricia:(

When you come up next weekend, I will make you some REAL tomato soup. The one I have in my recipe index is STILL the most popular recipe. I get the most hits from that recipe. Weird. But it is good and I will show you.

[Morgan] said...

wow. i'm really impressed by your will power. i only wish i hadn't read this... i lack the will power and will surely think about this post every time i use ketchup, and i'll feel guilty and unhealthy... :)

and now i'm curious about whitney's recipe too.

[Morgan] said...

oooh. now i read tricia's comment and i must be missing something. i knew it wasn't all that healthy, but maybe i'm completely unaware of just how bad it is?