Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I had it first.

This haircut. The a-lined bob.

I’ve had some form of an a-lined bob since September 2003. Sometimes it’s been a bob with bangs. Sometimes a bob without. Sometimes a steep angle. Sometimes more conservative. Sometimes with crown pieces. Sometime stacked high. Sometimes less stack-age. Sometimes with lotsa blond highlights. Sometimes with lowlights. Sometimes bronzy. Sometimes one color. Sometimes two. Sometimes reddish. Most often brown. Never brassy. Always below the chin line.

I’ve had essentially the same concept of a haircut for five years. Go ahead, call me old fashioned and recommend that I update it.

However, dear friend, that’s where things get problematic. Because this haircut’s not old fashioned. Every stinking third girl is sporting the haircut I’ve had for years. There’s a brigade of bobbed noggin’s out there. And if they haven’t known me for years, plenty o’ peeps think I’m just one of the copycat crowd. It shouldn’t bug me. But it does. For reasons inexplicable to my a-lined self.

For the sake of differentiation I’ve considered that perhaps it’s time to change. But it is not! And where would I go? With the profile I have, this haircut just works. Balances me out. It’s my haircut.

But there the rest of them are. Bobbed and sometimes bangin’.

I find consolation in the fact that with Cat’s expert help, tool recommendations, product must-haves, and constant care, my mop looks better. I’m a brat, but that isn’t news.

Your hair, even though cut similar to mine, takes second place to this Cat-coif.

So sorry, Charlies.


cat+tadd=sam said...

I truly appreciate the shout out. And I'm mad you beat me to this post, I was prepping one for Hairoin. Take that, Victoria Beckham!

whitneyingram said...

This is how I feel about the name Jack. IT IS MINE! Go ahead, name your children Jack, but they don't have generations of Jack's behind them. I am not being trendy by naming my son Jack, I am carrying on a family tradition.

[Morgan] said...

i love your bob. i've always known you with your bob. i can vouch that you are original. and i agree, it fits your profile.
i'll admit,i keep long locks because of the trend of the bob.
you and your hair are both beautiful. don't ever change.