Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Bored? I hope not. There's certainly plenty for you to get busy doing.

But should you convince yourself that you have the right to boredom (but trust me, you don't), you simply must spend some scroll-time on Cake Wrecks.

This favorite is almost as guffaw-worthy as my last Wrecks feature.

In case the brilliant scrollwork of the decorator eludes you, I can help out; this dessert proclaims, "Sorry About Your Herpes."

Yeah, me too.

(We Peterdaughters learned right quick that complaining about, mentioning, or contemplating the concept of boredom was a bad, bad idea. Mom would zone in on such murmurings or ideas and dole out chores. "Oh, First Daughter, you feel you're bored? I can remedy, no problem! Go grab a toothbrush (anyone but mine will do) and scrub all the grout between the miles and miles of tile covering 80% of the upstairs. Pondering boredom now? I though not. Get crackin', kiddo.")


Kar said...

Cake Wrecks is my favorite time waster. My favorite is the "Dad" one.

Gee, thanks "kids."

Tara Fears said...

I spend WAY to much time on cake wrecks! Loved that one...

Mal Robin said...

My favorite(LEAST) chore was taking the stinkin butter knife with a towel wrapper over it, and cleaning in- between the wood slats in our like million sliding closet doors.
And I laughed out loud at that cake. Ah, people are fantastic, especially when they have no idea.

Jaime Stephens said...

haha that is hillarious! Sorry about the dermatologist expierence that is no fun, I am a sun-block freak too and chances are I will be the one who gets skin cancer..