Wednesday, August 27, 2008


My cousin Lindsay will also be holding a Nie Nie Day silent auction on her blog.

She makes these insane scrapbooked cards. Whenever I get one in the mail I utter curse words I shouldn't and shake my head at her commitment to details.

When she posts pictures for her auction tomorrow, don't miss out. They're those things you wish you had the skill to create and send.

Now at least the skill part won't be necessary.

Get your give on.



Jaime Stephens said...

For some odd odd reason I have not visited your blog for a few days and I have had some withdraws. It was great to catch up with all your stories you are so funny and I love what you have to say.. I also did know of your blog header skill wow nice! And am glad you will be joining in on Nie day, as for my skill well I guess I will be a bidder and that will take my skill :-)

Mal Robin said...

Why didn't you endorse me? Bad sister.