Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Thought I don't agree with a good portion of her politics and persuasions (her racism and love of eugenics are especially distasteful), I'm a bit of a fan of Margaret Sanger. I like women who do what they think needs doing despite the unpopularity of their issue and the prospect of social ostracization.

(Ms. Sanger founded the American Birth Control League, which eventually became Planned Parenthood.)

I've long loved this quote regarding the impetus of her raw commitment to birth control:
The women and mothers whom I wanted to help, also wanted to help me; they, too, wanted to build beyond the self, in creating healthy children and bringing them up in life to be happy and useful citizens. I believed it was my duty to place motherhood on a higher level than enslavement and accident. I was convinced we must care about people; we must reach out to help them in their despair.

It's no secret that I'm terribly passionate about birth control (especially my beloved method). But beyond my appreciation for her contribution to birth control's wide availability and social acceptability, I appreciate the honesty of Ms. Sanger's motivation.

Ever popped The Pill? Include this courageous lady in the thank-yous section of your prayers tonight before collapsing into bed.

She deserves it.

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